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I'm one of 4 women leading out in a weekly Live video podcast

Sistah Girlz: Sisters in Christ, Girlfriends in Life

We enjoy live chats every week around the stories of life and provide insights into what God has taught us in those moments when things went muddy, inviting other Sistah's to figure out this life together and do it God’s way!

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Learning to Trust Him and His ways

God honours the desires of your heart when seeking him

God honours the desires of your heart when seek him - Tania Hassounia
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Hi Tania here, the entrepreneurial visionary creative and co-founder behind Drawer Full of Giants. I'm a Kiwi (New Zealander) with a strong creative background in graphic design, illustration, and an aptitude-tested high idea generation (95%) mind. I live to inspire, equip and encourage through my artwork, volunteering my business, giving uplifting talks, creative sassy writing and overall sharing my story of how I became a location independent digital nomad while I also follow the unconventional path of doing business God's way. Want to get to know me more? Okidoki read a little of my story, and be sure to sign up to receive my fun, chuckle-worthy newsletter. There is a freebie also!

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Note: All illustrations on this site have been originally created by Tania Hassounia, as she's a little bit clever in hearing Divine instructions on how to earn a living from drawing stuff.