Hi, I’m Tania Hassounia, the creative visionary and founder of Drawer Full of Giants where I work with self-employed entrepreneurs, small businesses and organisations to attract more business with personalised illustration and graphic design by creating quality bespoke artwork and products that allow their individuality to shine.

I do this by creating:

  • Original & vibrant Personalised Greeting Cards for Business for those who value standing out from the crowd.

  • My very popular Illustrated Selfies for Individuals, Business Owners, Speakers, Authors, Teams, etc...

  • Tailor-made Infographics, a wow-factor means in creating engagement that equips a businesses ‘Digital Toolbox’ with individualised imagery suitable for presentations and education that serves them for years, more than at stagnant image plastered on their website would do.

  • Branded Journal Creation as quality keepsakes for programs, conferences, retreats, workshops and seminars, etc.

  • Illustrated Story-Snippets for speakers and presenters to educate, entertain and bring more anticipation and engagement to their presentions.

I’m also Social-Enterprised focused

Since 2012 I’ve actively created a model of being able to serve the marketplace while also giving-back through DFoG, by supporting the projects of individuals, small businesses and organisations around the world up to 6 months a year, donating my time in two-month blocks. This has afforded me the opportunity to work within some great teams on projects I would never have the opportunity to work on. So far I’ve lived, worked and served in Thailand, Cambodia, Canada, the USA and Australia. I love backing people who support their own communities.

I offer all of my talents and skillset through:

  • Creative guidance and Consultation - with my 20+ years of experience.

  • Creating personalised illustration and graphic design for anything they want or desire.

  • Mentorship to team members, creatives and self-employed business owners wanting to also develop their business into a ministry to serve a deeper purpose in their marketplace.

  • Speaking - I’m naturally gifted in Inspiring, Equipping and Encouraging.

I’m able to travel as I do due to also creating a lifestyle that has allowed me to become a full-time  house and pet sitter . My housesitting affords me the flexibility to be available to the overseas requests of support that are at the core values of my business and life.

If you have a project you’d like support in, I welcome you to read through how I may be of service to you through volunteer offer.

How it all began

In 2010, as I was finishing art school I suddenly had the gumption to consider working for myself, which definitely wasn't on my radar. The idea soon began digging in its heels and while quietly mulling that over, two of my tutors called me aside, sat me down and proceeded to advise me that they felt I should work for myself as I had 'what it took' to make a good go of it. 

It was the practical confirmation I guess I was looking for after realising I felt I was being spiritually 'lead' into the marketplace. It seemed that God, Himself, was bending down and whispering into my ear telling me that I was to start working for myself, so we founded Drawer Full of Giants.


Yes, I said 'we'. Up till that point in my life, my spiritual experiences were only ever personal ones, I didn't know that they could also be integrated into the daily practicality of self-employment, and it wasn't long before I was beginning to do business God's way as He began making things very clear by telling me that my job is to personalise business with my illustration and graphic design skills, while His self-appointed position, was head of sales, advertising, and marketing - He provides my clients. Frankly, it's never ceased to amaze me.

I'd always been 'innovative'

I am an ideas girl, a lover of the colour blue and living outside the box! Although starting DFoG at 40, my creative and entrepreneurial talents showed themselves at quite a young age (12). That's when I realised pocket money was to be made in selling my artwork to the doily-crazed, silver-set - my nan and her friends - in the form of liquid embroidery. 

Though pursuing a career in graphic design even before leaving high school, many years passed before I became conscious of the importance and responsibility of developing the natural talents I had, which seemed, now, to draw me towards my purpose in life. Opportunity knocked and pulled me once more into the classroom in my late 30s to earn a BA in Visual Communication. I was able to realise a 25-year-old-goal and be the first in my family to pursue higher education. 


Afterwards, not merely limiting me to 'just' earning a living, God invited me to take my business anywhere in the world I wanted to go! He went on to promise me If I did this He would keep me in paying clients. I have been location independent since, travelling parts of the world full-time developing and engaging in the Social Enterprise side of my business - volunteering my services and sowing into the lives, businesses, and ministries of whosever God places before me since 2012. 


Get to know me a little more through my volunteering and speaking pages.

I'm naturally social in these places

Land of the Long White Cloud (Aotearoa)

I LOVE exotic animals to handle! My 2012 birthday treat while project managing the filming of a Thai TV program!​ Tiger Temple - in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

When meeting me you'll notice I have an accent, always a cause of mirth, I say tomato, you say tomahto. I'm from New Zealand, and better known as a 'Kiwi'. Without looking at my illustration above - I know, too late - do you know where that is? Well, if you turn the world upside down you'll find New Zealand right at the top. That's us. Otherwise, you'll find us east of a really big island called Australia. I'm originally from Christchurch, in the South Island. 


 A fun fact about me: In the first 20 years of my life I travelled the length and breadth of little ol' NZ 60 times with my family! She's an awesome country.

my pride and joy

My very talented and lovely daughter, Sofia.  

I'm also a mother to a musically gifted daughter now in her mid-20s, who is currently cultivating her God-given talents, much to her mother's delight! She's already clocked up some amazing life experience as a vocalist in a Christian music ministry group that toured around Australia for 18 months and now often performs in musical theatre showcases. Sofia also loves to travel and has joined me on the odd adventure; A particular highlight was the gap year she took in 2016 to trip around North America with me, we make terrific travelling companions. She's back at the grindstone now and gunning to finish her music degree at Waikato Uni in New Zealand while holding down two jobs. We are in touch daily over social media - the new era of parenting.

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Hi Tania here, the entrepreneurial visionary creative and co-founder behind Drawer Full of Giants. I'm a Kiwi (New Zealander) with a strong creative background in graphic design, illustration, and an aptitude-tested high idea generation (95%) mind. I live to inspire, equip and encourage through my artwork, volunteering my business, giving uplifting talks, creative sassy writing and overall sharing my story of how I became a location independent digital nomad while I also follow the unconventional path of doing business God's way. Want to get to know me more? Okidoki read a little of my story, and be sure to sign up to receive my fun, chuckle-worthy newsletter. There is a freebie also!

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