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Mockup of 3 greeting cards on grey background

Greeting Cards

for business

Welcome to a world of greeting cards designed with YOUR business in mind. My personalised cards are not the ho-hum 'something you should do' at the end of the year sort; they're powerful tools to engage, increase referrals, strengthen client retention, and set your business apart.


Here's why you should choose Drawer Full of Giants:

Unique for Point of Difference

In a sea of generic greetings, stand out with Drawer Full of Giants unique designs that perfectly depict what your business is all about. Make a lasting impression that sets you apart from the competition.

Easily Adaptable Designs

My cards aren't one-size-fits-all. They're easily adaptable to suit your specific needs. I offer bespoke, high-quality products that reflect the essence of your business.

How it works

  1. Choose Your Card Design: Browse our gallery of stunning card designs. Find one that resonates with your brand or...

  2. Create a Bespoke Illustration: Need something truly unique? Let me craft a bespoke illustration tailored to your business. I'm here to bring your vision to life.

  3. Complete the Online Order Form: It's as easy as clicking the link below. Provide your logo and business details, and we'll work our magic.

  4. Personalize Your Card: Add a personal touch with an Illustrated Selfie or something else that represents your brand. If you're not feeling creative with words, don't worry – I've got you covered with clever greetings.

  5. Craft Your Internal Message: Leave a lasting impression on your clients with beautifully designed internal messages.

Client greeting card

Your logo & business details designed here


Personalise your card with an Illustrated Selfie, or something else.

I'm pretty cleaver creating pithy greetings matching your business if you struggle with creative wordplay.


Have your optional internal message beautifully and elegantly designed.

Greeting card for appreciation

Here's an Idea: There's nothing sweeter than seeing your name on a card. Make your clients feel incredibly special by personalising cards with their names printed on the front as part of the design. It's the small details that make a big impact.


And the best part? When you order with me, you'll receive 50+ cards and envelopes, so you're always ready to make a meaningful connection.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your business relationships and leave a lasting mark. Order your personalized greeting cards today!

Photo of Sally Davis

It was an easy decision to say yes to customised cards to send to my clients to say 'thank you for the business' and the project from start to finish was super easy too. Tania tailored the card design to my brief efficiently with an extremely quick turnaround from design sign off to delivery. I am really pleased with the end product - the cards are high quality and look great.

Sally Davis

Creative Director | MODUR Creative

You will receive

Printed A6 or DL size greeting cards available in units over 50, customised or personalised to you, creased with C6/DL size envelopes couriered to you, flat.

  • Orders are printed in New Zealand on a sturdy 300gsm card.

  • Overseas printing is available. Sizes, costs, and card stock will vary. Save on international postage fees by printing locally!

  • Option for micro-businesses: Band together with other entrepreneurs from your networking group with a combined order of over 100 cards to benefit from a cheaper rate per card, get the same quality of customisation and more bang for your buck!

  • Customisation includes: 

    • Your personalised wording is designed for the front of your card.

    • Your logo and business details are added to the reverse.

    • Optional design of your internal message.

    • The colour pallet to match your taste and/or brand.

Added on Bonus

Cost to you

Printing Your Cards - Available in units of

50+ ($7.78 ea) 100+ ($5.78 ea), 500+ ($2.79 ea), 1000+ ($1.92 ea)

not-for-profit prices available on request + courier costs + optional extras below

- ready to order? Use my online order form


optional & personalised add on's


  • Coloured envelopes available - sourced and priced when requested.

  • DL-size greeting cards have an additional cost per card.

  • Personalising your client's name on individual cards + $2.00 ea

  • An illustrated element to further enhance your card to match your business, e.g. the massage table in the card below is 'an extra-illustrated element' + $150 ea

  • For a truly unique individual experience allow me to illustrate a full card design with an original image depicting YOUR business + $60

Steve from Kiwi Eftpos

We asked Tania to create a postcard mailout for us so we could thank all our loyal customers, I mentioned that I'd like it to be elegant but with the nature of what we sell (point of sale machinery), I wasn't sure how possible that was. Tania made a sterling job in illustrating all our equipment and created a pattern with it! I guess it's best to leave it to a creative to come up with this stuff. Tania took the idea and made it something special and was easy and friendly to work with and patient with my crazy workload to work around me. Happy to recommend Tania if you are wanting something personalised to reach out to your clients.

Steve Bately

Managing Director

Biz Development at Kiwi Eftpos & Point of Sale Group Ltd

Kiwi Eftposs thank you postcard

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