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I'll curate your visual story that will be unique, engaging, and perfectly aligned with your budget!

Illustration of Tania Hassounia holding a cup in left hand and waving with the right, smiling

I won’t offer you a cookie-cutter package. Yours will be tailor-made to make you stand out—because you deserve a one-of-a-kind visual journey!


  • A phone call, where we talk about your goal then uncover your voice and message, I can’t do my work without hearing your passion, asking you questions, and deeply getting to know you and your audience. 


  • Then, I’ll draft you a proposal summarising everything we’ve talked about. Included is a guide with options on how it can be achieved, and the proposed time frame, with a budget sliding scale as an easy way to pick and choose what’s important to you and your wallet. 

  • I’m committed to capturing your business personality, making you stand out that’ll attract attention and potential new business. Your new or refreshed brand collateral will stay relevant for years, surpassing the impact of a one-time project!


There is NO ONE doing business like you. There might be similar businesses like yours, but they won't operate like you, nor have the same fundamental scope, values, aspirations, or narrative you have.

This information-treasure-trove is the foundation upon which we build, equipping you towards authentically letting your individuality shine in ways you've not, perhaps, thought about.

The results from our working together will give you more reach, attract more business, and strengthen deeper customer, community, team, and audience retention—and be the 'cheery on the top' of your brand, if you will. 

Do you want your clients to feel WOWed? Illustration speaks volumes! Reach out to me to arrange a chat—

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