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I will help you attract more customers through personalising your business with illustration & graphic design

here are some examples of how:

 detailed vector illustration  

 Illustrated portraits

most popular! 

Perfect for: Business owners, CEO's, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Speakers
and Small Teams/Staff.

Available in THREE styles:

Illustrated Selfies

​Digital Avatar

​Hand-drawn Selfie

Hand-drawn colouring page/s

Perfect for: Advertising, Marketing, Editorials, CRM touch points.

ready to print colouring pages

Hand-drawn activity books

Perfect for: Client touch points, Easy information sharing, and Events.

journals & journal designs

Perfect for: Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Events, Retreats, and Groups

T shirt design

Perfect for: Representing your Business, Team, Club, Ministry & Non-Profit.

simple illustrations

Perfect for: Expressing your ideas, Making presentations interesting and Appealing

to different audiences.

icon collections

Perfect for: Explaining your story.

hand-drawn images

vector images

magazine creation

Perfect for: Education and Information.

themed event branding

Perfect for: When you're organising Workshops, Conferences, Seminars and Retreats.

Creative ways to incorporate your Theme

Event with your title design, logo & artwork:

  • Lanyards

  • Event promise/message designed beautifully

  • Invitations

  • Sponsorship backdrops

  • Table placeholders/cards

  • Door signs

  • Email signatures

  • Labels

  • Pattern creation for Event Theme

  • Event Planners

  • Guest gift swag bags

  • Banners and flags

  • Car Vinyl wraps

  • Powerpoints slides

  • Advertising - fliers, posters, business cards, postcards etc

  • Greeting Cards - thank you's

  • Trade show/Stage/Podium artwork & backdrops

  • Activity book

  • Folders

  • Artwork/logo on products

  • Guest workbooks

  • Light creative copywriting

  • Conference Handbooks

  • Web (artwork for landing pages) + social media images - will work with your web designer

  • ... so on and so forth

Perfect for: Business owners, CEO's, Entrepreneurs, Authors and Small Teams.

Available in THREE styles:

vector image

detailed hand-drawn illustration

Perfect for: Advertising, Marketing, Editorials.

hand-drawn image

detailed infographics

Perfect for: Client touch points, Easy information sharing, Understanding complex information, Websites, and Presentations.

Tailor-made Maps

Perfect for: Information sharing,

Company mural and Artwork on products.

book covers

Perfect for: Authors, Business and Presentations. Front, back + spine.

Graphic Design & Illustration finish.

graphic design & illustration

pattern creation for business

detailed illustration

Perfect for: Printed material, Vinyl backdrops for walls & Tradeshow booths, Website backgrounds, Detailing and Stationary.

book illustration

Perfect for: Business, Ministry and Authors.

logo creation

Perfect for: Business and Ministry.

Graphic design services

Perfect for: Ongoing Business and Ministry needs. What's included:


Collateral design

business cards, flyers, posters, direct

mailers, brochures, compendiums, themed

re-designs, backdrops, icons, speaker one-sheets, product design, lead magnets... 


Digital design

social media, graphics and cover photos, email signatures, imagery for online ads...


Consultation services

Guiding your team/web designer through design changes, mentoring, helping you brainstorm a design or marketing idea before we get started.

Bet you've got oodles of ideas now!

Chat soon,Tania

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Hi Tania here, the entrepreneurial visionary creative and co-founder behind Drawer Full of Giants. I'm a Kiwi (New Zealander) with a strong creative background in graphic design, illustration, and an aptitude-tested high idea generation (95%) mind. I live to inspire, equip and encourage through my artwork, volunteering my business, giving uplifting talks, creative sassy writing and overall sharing my story of how I became a location independent digital nomad while I also follow the unconventional path of doing business God's way. Want to get to know me more? Okidoki read a little of my story, and be sure to sign up to receive my fun, chuckle-worthy newsletter. There is a freebie also!

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