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Branding service

for powerful presentations and
memorable digital / print collateral

Let's have a chat about your thoughts and vision.

I can either collaborate with your existing branding or craft something entirely new to ensure your marketing materials authentically reflect your business.


Wowza - that's amazing! It's like taking a stick drawing and turning it into the Mona Lisa!

— Amanda Crangle | Marketing Consultant | USA

DIYing your design can not only be time-consuming, but it might not always hit the bullseye with your intended audience and now you're ready to unify it into a seamless, cohesive identity that resonates throughout your entire brand.

I understand the importance of leaving a lasting impression, especially after your hard work in building your business. Your brand's visual identity is crucial for engaging your audience emotionally and professionally.

I'm excited to offer my expertise in helping you craft graphics and versatile digital and print collateral. These assets will enhance your business's appearance and attract potential clients.

As a fellow solo entrepreneur, I appreciate your uniqueness. To climb into your ideas and offer my own to help you connect with your audience, makes us a perfect match.

Here are some ways I can equip you
this is by no means an exhaustive list!

Karl Prosper Professional Coaching

I’m delighted with how my brand portrays the fun lighthearted side of my personality.

Karl Waretini

Prosper Professional Coaching

Christchurch NZ

Download my Creative Lookbook

I've designed my lookbook as a means for you to springboard ideas from. It lets you see what some of my clients have created and how they've used it.

We just have to capture your vision - and that's my speciality.

Of course, everything can be perfectly paired with lashings, or dollops, of fun-sized illustrative storytelling to make you uniquely stand out even more! 

Tori - young women feeding horse

Everyone always comments on how cool the designs are, even after 10 years! There is not one design that does better than the others, and they LOVE my logo. I LOVE my logo too!

— Tori Banta | Tori Lee Equestrian | New Zealand

tania waving

Let's kickstart your journey!

Email me, so we can initiate a conversation and chat about making your secret sauce!

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