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Powerful Presentations And Memorable Collateral

Are you feeling challenged while puzzling over how to stand out?


Being distinct in business goes beyond just looking polished and presentable; it involves connecting with your audience on a deeper level. Discovering your unique "secret sauce" means aligning your brand with your values, vision, and purpose, capturing the hearts and minds of your audience effectively.

Discover Your Secret Sauce with




I provide a comprehensive strategy and design solution, offering both strategic planning and creative execution to help you stand out.

When your brand looks good, people notice. Being unapologetically yourself sets you apart in a way that can't be replicated. This unique alignment attracts attention, builds genuine connections, and distinguishes your brand, making it memorable and influential.

The result is a brand that captivates your audience, boosts your business's visibility, and drives revenue growth. By authentically connecting with your audience, you'll cultivate deeper relationships, extend your reach, and enhance your influence within your community.


Partnering with me ensures your brand shines, making a lasting impact.

Let's chat about what that might look like for you.


Here is my 


Overview Process



Flip through & Download my


to springboard off

I’m excited to help you create graphics and versatile digital and print collateral that will not only enhance your business's appearance but also attract potential clients.

Karl Prosper Professional Coaching

I’m delighted with how my brand portrays the fun lighthearted side of my personality.

Karl Waretini

Prosper Professional Coaching

Christchurch, NZ

Tori - young women feeding horse

Everyone always comments on how cool the designs are, even after 10 years! There is not one design that does better than the others, and they LOVE my logo. I LOVE my logo too!

Tori Banta

Tori Lee Equestrian Dargaville, New Zealand


Wowza - that's amazing! It's like taking a stick drawing and turning it into the Mona Lisa!

Amanda Crangle

Marketing Consultant

Colorado, USA

Brand Day Intensive

brand day INTENSIVES


Level up your brand in less than one week to elevate your business quickly and efficiently!

any of this sound like you?


  • Timelines are tight and you want to knock this out quickly.​

  • You are just starting or in the first few years of your business.

  • You can provide feedback fast. You don't need days or weeks to review things and provide revisions.

  • The idea of a fast-paced sprint with same-day collaboration sounds right up your alley.

  • You are not quite ready to invest in a full design strategy project.

  • You have a laundry list of design needs that need to be completed.

  • Your budget is under $1500.

What can we get done during a




Ready to



Each project is based on your specific need, if you're not sure what is the right fit, send me an inquiry and I’ll be happy to lay out the options that would be best for you!

Let's capture your vision together—it's what I do best.





1-Day Brand Intensive

$1200 + GST

Up to 7 hours of design work

A great fit for one of the following:

1-Day Custom Branding
Lead Magnet Creation
Branded Collateral Materials
Pattern Creation

Promotional Material

Client Relationship Building

Presentation Slides
Illustrated Brand Graphics
Community Outreach Touchpoints, etc...

Client Laura Kerr from Ecoefficient Solutions NZ

Tania is an absolutely lovely lady to deal with. She created such a stunning, detailed and stylish image for my Solar Panel business. I had a budget I had to stick within but she just went over and above for me and I am so grateful to have found her! If you want any kind of beautiful, unique illustrative work completed, I would highly recommend you get in touch with Drawer Full of Giants!

Laura Kerr | Director

Ecoefficient Solutions NZ | Hawkes Bay

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