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Introducing a brand new Christmas book, Gifts at Christmas: The Story of Saint Nicholas. Be transported back in time to read about the real-life man who inspired the story of the jolly man so commonly known today and the legacy he left that keeps on giving.

The Story

Something strange is happening in the town of Myra. Someone is leaving gifts for young and old alike in all sorts of places. Sometimes it's a much-needed coat, a box of food, a wooden toy for a child or a new pair of shoes. Will this mysterious person be found? Will the giving of gifts catch on around the world?

This fantastic story is created for children aged 4-8 years old, as a dramatised account of the history of Saint Nicholas of Myra, Turkey (270-343AD), whose life is the origin of our Santa Claus and gift-giving traditions at Christmas.

Written and illustrated by New Zealanders Alison Condon and Tania Hassounia whose images really bring the whole story to life.

Alison reading a story to children at Pāpāmoa Library
Tania holding open book showing a blue page illustration

About the Author and Illustrator

From Publisher, Dave Mann

Alison is an accomplished children’s story writer. Her most well-known effort in recent times has been in the co-writing of the Chronicles of Paki story. In this particular story (Gifts at Christmas) she’s written beautiful poetry, telling about the full life of Saint Nicholas, with entire portions of his life covered sometimes in a mere 8 lines, with 11 syllables each. This kind of writing is an art form, and the historical story Alison has managed to tell so concisely we think is simply superb!


Tania is an accomplished artist, having also worked with Alison as the primary artist in the ‘Chronicles of Paki’ history series.  Her artwork is outstanding - including research into historical details, to ensure a high degree of historical accuracy in buildings, clothing, decorations - and even cutlery. She then exhibits remarkable creativity in the way she draws faces and people from various angles and perspectives. She takes a page of text - does the research - and then imagines a completely fresh image that would tell the story - and creates it. It’s a gift, and the result is stunning!

Why Your Little Ones Will Love It:

Captivating Storyline:


There are 11 syllables on every line of the entire story - it, therefore, reads very easily as a ‘poem’, suiting an engaging story for younger children


Vibrant Illustrations:

Let the stunning, vibrant illustrations bring the whole story to life for you, creating a visual feast that will captivate even the youngest readers.


Timeless Message:

"Gifts at Christmas: The Story of Saint Nicholas" imparts timeless values of kindness, generosity, and the joy of giving – the perfect Christmas message for your family.


$19.95NZD + P&P

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Fast and Hassle-Free Delivery:


I know how important it is to have your Christmas gifts on time. Rest assured, our efficient shipping ensures that your copy of "Gifts at Christmas: The Story of Saint Nicholas" arrives at your doorstep in time for gift-giving.

Enjoy the photos of our November 16th, 2023 book launch in Tauranga, NZ

photography provided by Sofia Hassounia

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