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little opportunities to delight and engage with your audience

Buttons have NEVER gone out of style and will endure well into the future as long as there is something to say and a place to pin them. You can't go wrong purchasing and wearing a button to get your message out.

Creativity Meets Customisation!

Wearing a Button is a Statement

Why Opt for My Custom Buttons?

First, they are handmade so individual attention is applied to each button.

Second, you can have up to 33 different designs in your order to reflect your genuine personalisation!


How Do We Start? You can either

Utilise your artwork - You have, at the very least, 33 opportunities to spark some joy into your potential clients' hearts - or on their sleeves.

Or, use MY artwork - I have a sizable collection of fun, vibrant images to pick and choose from that will delight any wearer.

Or, have me design something unique to represent and promote your business or cause.

Your buttons will be 32mm in diameter

Button Prices


I like my button. If you look close enough you’ll notice it’s me!

It's a subtle way to show it's me, without saying 'This is me', lol.

Sofia's Voice Studio


To discuss your Button needs with me

Photo of Tania Hassounia smiling

Hi, I'm Tania, the creative behind Drawer Full of Giants - however we collaborate, you'll be sure to come away feeling inspired, equipped, and encouraged. 

Learn more about what I creatively offer

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