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Are you concerned about the potential drawbacks of using generic illustrations for your brand? Such illustrations might not fully capture your business's unique essence, resonate with your intended audience, or authentically reflect your personality.

Photo of Christina Kimball and Tania Hassounia

I wasn't quite sure how it was going to come together as it was quite an undertaking but I am SO impressed with how she is bringing everything together to make this highly detailed infographic to light.

— Christina Kimball | Volant Real Estate | USA

Let's make your secret sauce!

As an entrepreneur, you aspire to present yourself and your business with a blend of professionalism and uniqueness that leaves a lasting impression. You want to be the first name that pops into your clients' minds.

I've discovered that every entrepreneur and business craves that special 'secret sauce' to draw attention and drive growth.

Let's join forces to create an unparalleled, irresistible impact that propels your business forward. Together, we'll forge a genuine connection with your audience and target market that can't be replicated.

Here are some ways I can equip you
please note, that this is by no means exhaustive


Download my Creative Lookbook

I've designed my lookbook as a means for you to springboard ideas from. It lets you see what some of my clients have created and how they've used it.

We just have to capture your vision - and that's my speciality.

Of course, everything can be perfectly paired with my flair for graphic design to make your product or service profoundly stand out! 

Client Laura Kerr from Ecoefficient Solutions NZ

Tania is an absolutely lovely lady to deal with. She created such a stunning, detailed and stylish image for my Solar Panel business. I had a budget I had to stick within but she just went over and above for me and I am so grateful to have found her! If you want any kind of beautiful, unique illustrative work completed, I would highly recommend you get in touch with Drawer Full of Giants!

Laura Kerr | Director

Ecoefficient Solutions NZ | Hawkes Bay

Tania waving

Let's kickstart your journey!

Email me, so we can initiate a conversation and chat about making your secret sauce!

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