I inspire and encourage God's people who are longing for a natural and authentic way to give more of themselves over to Him. I share faith-filled talks that will connect their hearts, minds and fan the flame of their faith as they recognize their own experiences with Him already.

Kristin Peters
Film Maker | Gladstone, Missouri
While she was visiting my town recently, had the opportunity to get to know Tania and listen to her life story. The first time we talked she shared her journey with me before I even realized it, 3 hours had passed. She drew me in with enough detail to keep me intrigued but not so much that I ever felt bored. She painted a picture with her words in such a way that I could envision all the events she talked about. As an amateur filmmaker, I requested to film an interview with her, which turned out beautifully. She answered all my questions thoughtfully and clearly, always conscientious of the interview process.

Tania Hassounia (Ha-soon-knee-a) is an Illustrator & Graphic Designer from New Zealand. In 2010, with the Lord directing, Tania was lead to co-founding Drawer Full of Giants, where she began personalising business with illustration and learning how to 'do business God's way'. A year later, He commissioned her to take their business anywhere around the world she wanted to go, with particular instructions on how to sow into the lives, business and ministries of His people wherever she went by volunteering her business services while maintaining her paying clients work. Forming friendships quickly, Tania has been welcomed to share her faith story to individuals and groups around the world - from inmates to churches, from business owners and network groups to fellow travellers, and was once named one of "100 People Doing Extraordinary Things"! 

Tania's Bio

connecting hearts & minds by fanning the flames of the dreams God has given you!

Speaking topics + faith-filled chats

in the beginning, God

  • How Jesus made sense after 7 years in the occult.

  • How your dreams hold the key to understanding your 'calling'.

called to serve

  • How to do business God’s way. 

  • How your ministry is your business and your business is your ministry.

  • How giving away your gifts brings you closer to success and purpose.

God, Outside the box

  • If you have said ‘here I am, send me’, then an adventure awaits you!

  • How God provides supernaturally while giving away my business services.


Angee Robertson,


Jacksonville, Florida

Listening to Tania speak was like having a cup of coffee with a long-time friend. She is so warm, friendly and engaging. She is so personable

and has such a joyful presence.


Christina Kimbell,

Volant Real Estate

Stockton, California

Tania is truly inspiring to listen to. She is engaging as she shares true-life stories that glorify God in a unique and beautiful way. Her lovely accent makes her exciting stories even better!!!

benefit to you

Inviting me to come and share my stories benefits you in the furtherance of the gospel. As your people hear the personal testimonies of how Christ navigates one through life, they will recognize their own experiences with Him and as a result, they will become confidently bolder to speak the Word through their own stories without fear, and with sincerity. Christ is then preached about, throughout your community and beyond, which is based upon Philippians 1:12-18

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Alicia Hammon

The Laughing Place Bakery

Gladstone, Missouri, USA 

I had the opportunity to work first hand with Tania Hassounia for two weeks. Consulting with her for our specific project was the best creative experience I've had in quite some time. Tania was courteous, exceptionally educated in her field, and knew just how to lead the conversation to come up with a plan for a creative collaboration that not only suited my business's needs but would reflect the heart and soul of what we wish to offer in The Laughing Place Bakery. I also had an opportunity to both observe and experience another side of Tania's strengths. I watched her have many conversations with entrepreneurs over the two weeks, where she was both encouraging and uplifting as she helped them to see new ways to build and grow their businesses. Not only is she an incredibly accomplished, generous, and kind communicator, but she also has a God-given gift for seeing the strengths and weaknesses in an entrepreneur's business; pulling out strengths and gently suggesting corrections for the weaknesses. I would be the first in line for both an opportunity to have one on one coaching from Tania, as well as purchasing tickets for a business event where she was speaking.

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Sarah Kinnaird,

Little Penguin Print & Digital Media

Hawkes Bay, NZ

Thank you for sharing your testimony with us today, for breezing into our lives and being an absolute ray of sunshine. You've helped me with my business and been a total inspiration. Many, many, many thank-yous from me to you.

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Hi Tania here, the entrepreneurial visionary creative and co-founder behind Drawer Full of Giants. I'm a Kiwi (New Zealander) with a strong creative background in graphic design, illustration, and an aptitude-tested high idea generation (95%) mind. I live to inspire, equip and encourage through my artwork, volunteering my business, giving uplifting talks, creative sassy writing and overall sharing my story of how I became a location independent digital nomad while I also follow the unconventional path of doing business God's way. Want to get to know me more? Okidoki read a little of my story, and be sure to sign up to receive my fun, chuckle-worthy newsletter. There is a freebie also!

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Note: All illustrations on this site have been originally created by Tania Hassounia, as she's a little bit clever in hearing Divine instructions on how to earn a living from drawing stuff.