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engaging public speaker

I'm also an

I’ve enjoyed speaking to hundreds of people over the last 13 years—from small gatherings of ministry teams and business owners to large church congregations and other public gatherings. Whether sharing with individuals, a full auditorium or a retreat, public speaking has become an enjoyable part of my career and I sense my purpose.

I truly love connecting with people, and it gives me immeasurable joy to pass along any experience and knowledge I have where I can, inspire, equip and encourage others.

Consider inviting me to your next event, podcast interview, panel discussion, workshop presentation, lunch-n-learn, retreat, or collaborate on a written article

In various speaking engagements - on the radio, on an elephant speaking to camera! In front of an audience and online.


Tania Hassounia (Ha-soon-knee-a) is a seasoned Designer, Creative Consultant, and Owner of Drawer Full of Giants Ltd. based in Hamilton New Zealand.


Embracing a social-entrepreneur business model, Tania's passion and purpose lie in her partnership with God in business who inspired her to foster positive audience engagement for small businesses and audiences alike, through her illustrative storytelling, speaking, writing and ideas.


With God, it's not business as usual. Collaborating with Him led her to work remotely while travelling the world full-time volunteering her design services for nearly a decade to inspire, equip, and encourage His people in business and ministry.

Interested in having me speak at your upcoming event? Email me today

Photo of Film maker Kristin Peters
While visiting my town, I got the opportunity to get to know Tania and listen to her life story. The first time we talked she shared her journey with me, and before I even realized it, 3 hours had passed. She drew me in with enough detail to keep me intrigued but not so much that I, ever, felt bored. She painted a picture with her words in such ways that I could envision all the events she talked about. As an amateur filmmaker, I requested to film an interview with her, which turned out beautifully. She answered all my questions thoughtfully and clearly, always conscientious of the interview process.

Kristin Peters

Film Maker

Gladstone, Missouri, USA

I speak on topics around God in business, Collaboration, Business as Mission, and stories from my decade-long nomadic digital lifestyle and volunteering with lots of visual show and tell.

Upcoming speaking engagements:

May 8th 2024: Eastwest College of Inter-cultural Studies - Hamilton, NZ

Topic: How We Can Connect Missions and Business + My Personal Story

Aug 9-11, 2024: The Deborah Conference and Retreat - Taupo, NZ 

Topic: The God-side of a Business Model

past speaking engagements:

April 4-7 2024: HYVE International - Sydney, Australia

Topic: Business as Mission: The Art of Collaboration and Creating Boundaries

when making a speaking enquiry


It’s always nice to be contacted with a speaking enquiry. Here is a helpful outline of the information I'd appreciate knowing in your initial email to help streamline our emailing back and forth that'll help increase your chances of a timely and definitive response:

  1. Event details: 

    • Event name and website URL

    • Event organiser(s)

    • Target audience and estimated size

    • Date, time, location

  2. Topics of interest: If you have no preference and would be happy with whatever I choose, please mention this also.

  3. Format and length: Please include if the time given includes Q&A.

  4. Remuneration: Where payment is offered for the service(s) requested (over and above travel and accommodation costs). Please also include if yours is a non-profit event offering free tickets to your audience and advise if an honorarium/koha is offered or not. 

  5. Deadlines: Please include details of all applicable deadlines

To ask me to speak at your next event email Tania


I had the opportunity to work first-hand with Tania Hassounia for two weeks. Consulting with her for our specific project was the best creative experience I've had in quite some time. Tania was courteous, exceptionally educated in her field and knew just how to lead the conversation to come up with a plan for a creative collaboration that not only suited my business's needs but would reflect the heart and soul of what we wish to offer in The Laughing Place Bakery. I also had an opportunity to both observe and experience another side of Tania's strengths. I watched her have many conversations with entrepreneurs over the two weeks, where she was both encouraging and uplifting as she helped them see new ways to build and grow their businesses. Not only is she an incredibly accomplished, generous, and kind communicator, but she also has a God-given gift for seeing the strengths and weaknesses in an entrepreneur's business; pulling out strengths and gently suggesting corrections for the weaknesses. I would be the first in line for both an opportunity to have one-on-one coaching from Tania, as well as purchasing tickets for a business event where she was speaking.

Alicia Hammon

The Laughing Place Bakery

Gladstone, Missouri, USA

Angee RObertson

Listening to Tania speak was like having a cup of coffee with a long-time friend. She is so warm, friendly and engaging. She is so personable and has such a joyful presence.

Angee Roberton


Jacksonville, Florida USA

Christina Kimbell

Tania is truly inspiring to listen to. She is engaging as she shares true-life stories that glorify God uniquely and beautifully. Her lovely accent makes her exciting stories even better!!!

Christina Kimbell

Volant Real Estate

Los Vegas, Nevada, USA

the benefits of inviting me to your event

My speaking benefits your gathering in the furtherance of inspiring, equipping and encouraging people forward in their journey in life and business. As your assembly hears the personal demonstrations of how one woman in her 40s got to reinvent her life and purpose, they will recognize their own experiences, and, as a result, they will become confidently bolder to take strides in stepping out in faith towards their passion and own purpose, which will speak volumes when they share their own stories with sincerity and without fear. 

If time allows, I also freely offer one-to-one creative consulting sessions for audience members while at the event, this is ideal for businesses, ministries and individuals wanting more personalised help - which is my jam. You'll find my sanguine/choleric and ENFJ personality warm and inviting to speak and work with, ask anyone!

As a creator of personalised printed products, collaborate with me on any audience touchpoints you'd like created—greeting cards, button pins, notebook journals, activity pages, promotional items, etc.

I'd relish the idea of speaking at your next event, email me to discuss the idea.
You are welcome to watch my videos on TikTok to get a feel of my personality.

Sarah Kinnaird

Thank you for sharing your testimony with us today, for breezing into our lives and being an absolute ray of sunshine. You've helped me with my business and been a total inspiration. Many, many, many thank-yous from me to you.

Sarah Kinnaird

Copywriter & Author

Otane, Central Hawkes Bay, NZ

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