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Empowering you through creative consultation to amplify your impact and connect authentically

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Where I specialise in helping small brands like yours make a big impact through my tailored services created with you in mind:



Impactful Graphic Design and Illustration Creation For Memorable Marketing.

When you want to share your business info and story through print and digital collateral



Creative Consulting & Brainstorming Sessions Tailored to You

When you need to differentiate your brand and attract attention

Onsite or remote graphic design and illustration to share your story through memorable print/digital collateral



Co-working, Group, and Multi-Day Creative Mentoring and Workshops

When you wish you had someone to walk you through building your brand

Would you like to work together to create something amazing for you!

Shae Bynes  Owner of Kingdom Driver Entrepreneur

We brainstormed together and iterated a few times in order to get everything just right. I never felt rushed and I felt heard and respected every step of the way.

Shae Bynes

Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur

Florida USA

Wayne and Natalie

Business with Tania is a pleasure! From go-to-whoa, she has a delightful personality that makes working with her a hoot!

Wayne Francis Marriott

Fleetwood Group Ltd

New Zealand

I find joy in

empowering you to shine

in ways that celebrate your uniqueness.

Photo of Tania Hassounia smiling

Since the age of 12, I aspired to become a commercial artist. However, it wasn't until I was 40 that I launched my own business. Drawer Full of Giants was birthed in 2010 after an encouraging conversation with mentors who convinced me to pursue self-employment.

In my first year, I adopted a social enterprise business model, which allowed me to donate my creative services while also serving paying clients. This approach led me to travel the world, collaborating with ministries, small business owners, and individuals to meet their marketing and design needs.

What began as an experiment turned into a 10-year journey. For half of each year, I worked in 2-month blocks on incredible projects with amazing teams. During this time, I gained invaluable experience in creative mentorship, co-labouring, audience engagement, relationship building, and encouragement through speaking and writing

Excited to Team Up?

Let’s join forces to create unique, impactful solutions just for you. Whether you’re a self-employed go-getter, a passionate small business owner, or a dedicated charity, I’m here to help you connect with your audience in a truly meaningful way.


Reach out today and let’s start this creative adventure together!


I had the opportunity to work first-hand with Tania for two weeks. Consulting with her for our specific project was the best creative experience I've had in quite some time. Tania was courteous, exceptionally educated in her field and knew just how to lead the conversation to come up with a plan for a creative collaboration that not only suited my business's needs but would reflect the heart and soul of what we wish to offer in The Laughing Place Bakery.

Alicia Hammon

The Laughing Place Bakery

Gladstone, Missouri, USA

We will be a perfect fit if...

  • You are service-focused.

  • Enjoy collaborative work dynamics.

  • Need assistance overcoming creative challenges.

  • Value having a designer by your side for guidance.

  • Seek to differentiate and be perceived as unique.

  • Appreciate idea generation and brainstorming sessions.

  • Aim to enhance your ability to create a personalised client experience.

  • Ready to stand out authentically and uniquely!

Illustration of Tania Hassounia with two thumbs up winking and looking to the right

Are you eager to have me work alongside you to boost your brand and connect with your audience? Feel free to email me directly or fill out the form below and we can start crafting creative solutions together!

In the meantime, browse my creative lookbook for inspiration. Once you've completed the form, I'll gladly send you a copy!

I look forward to hearing from you and bringing your vision to life!

Photo of Bernadette Smith owner of In2Hula Ltd

To make that little point of difference in business is something myself and business partner are always on the look out for. When we came across Tania's expertise and what she could produce, we were sold. Both our personalised thank you and Christmas cards are not only unique but they depict what our business is about, playful and fun.

Bernadette Smith

In2Hula Ltd

Christchurch NZ

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