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Brand Engagement

An illustration of Tania, owner of Drawer Full of Giants

and Client-Focused Ideation

for Brand Engagement

Give them a lasting impression that'll keep them coming back!

Illustration Storytelling

I'll help elevate your brand through illustrative storytelling, graphic design and strategies for when you're after creative client engagement solutions in a way that connects you, uniquely, with your customers when you want to...

Uncover ways to differentiate your brand to attract attention from potential clients

Build powerful and memorable print/digital collateral & presentations to be unforgettable

Artistically need to simplify complex information when you're drawing in and engaging your audience

Shae Bynes  Owner of Kingdom Driver Entrepreneur

We brainstormed together and iterated a few times in order to get everything just right. I never felt rushed and I felt heard and respected every step of the way.

Shae Bynes

Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur

Florida USA

Wayne and Natalie

Business with Tania is a pleasure! From go-to-whoa, she has a delightful personality that makes working with her a hoot!

Wayne Francis Marriott

Fleetwood Group Ltd

New Zealand

Adding the sparkle of you personality to your brand will...

Grab Their Attention


We'll harness your snazzy personality so you'll attract your ideal people.

Set You Apart

You'll SHINE as a result of what we create for you, making you stand out above others!

Bring in Business


Looking good, getting clear, and finding your unique sweet spot will always attract them.

I'd delight in helping your brand shine in ways that suit your individuality. Email me to arrange a time to chat about your business.

Photo of Tania Hassounia smiling

I enjoy coming up with ideas that give my clients opportunities to engage with their audiences and build stronger relationships with their striking new marketing collateral and illustrated brand stories, which has also given them more reach in their communities!

With my boundless ideation specialty and experience as a design-thinking creative—over 25 years, you'll find me both easy to work with and that I have a knack for easily climbing into your vision when you share your business story with me.​

We will be a perfect fit!

  • If you are service-focused.

  • Want to add a little point of difference and be seen as unique.

  • Want the benefit of idea generation, alongside skillset and experience.

  • Desire to develop, or up your game, in creating a personal client experience.

  • You're feeling ready to stand out in a way that's genuinely YOU!

Illustration of Tania Hassounia with two thumbs up winking and looking to the right

Let's make you Sparkle!

Before making your brand’s personality soar, I've created a lookbook with a helpful package & price guide with a lot of show n tell for you.

Whether you have a simple design request or would like to tackle a larger project—Everything begins with a strategy phone call where we uncover your brand voice and message because I can’t do my work without hearing your passion, asking you questions, and deeply getting to know you, your business story, and your audience.


If you are unsure where your design request fits, fret not!
Just give me a shout and I’ll provide an estimate based on your needs.

Photo of two booklets called Package Pricing for Drawer Full of Giants

Download my Design Lookbook with Package and Pricing Guide

I've designed my lookbook as a means for you to springboard ideas from. It lets you see what some of my clients have created and how they've used it.

We just have to capture your vision - and that's my speciality.

Photo of Bernadette Smith owner of In2Hula Ltd

To make that little point of difference in business is something myself and business partner are always on the look out for. When we came across Tania's expertise and what she could produce, we were sold. Both our personalised thank you and Christmas cards are not only unique but they depict what our business is about, playful and fun.

Bernadette Smith

In2Hula Ltd

Christchurch NZ

Illustration of Tania Hassounia holding a cup in left hand and waving with the right, smiling

Let's kickstart this journey!

Reach out to me, and we can initiate a conversation. Just fill out the inquiry form, and we'll arrange a chat.

Let's make your secret sauce!

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