*said with tongue in cheek, but you got the point!


for obliterating your competition so they cower in fear under their tables, soiling their knickers every time they see YOUR brand!

You want to be unforgettable, make an impression,
to stand out! But are too busy to put any thought into 'how'.

We got you, we know how to make YOUR secret sauce.

With the help of our Ideation Lab, Illustration storytelling, and personalised products for memorable customer experiences.

Want to WOW your customers?

Need a  GIANT Idea?

Want to STAND OUT?

Want to WOW your customers?

Need a  GIANT Idea?

Want to STAND OUT?

Want to WOW your customers?

Need a  GIANT Idea?

Want to STAND OUT?

Want to WOW your customers?

Try our Ideation Lab

Develop unique critical business solutions in the DFoG Ideation Lab:

  • Product design

  • Customer experience

  • Brand design

  • Brand positioning

  • Company culture

  • Community engagement

  • Company events

You need our Brand Assets 

Bespoke image styling to accentuate your unique brand:

  • Social media graphics

  • Lead magnets 

  • Company newsletters

  • Speaker one sheets

  • Whitepapers

  • Slide presentations

  • Website graphics

  • Digital/Printed collateral

Give 'em a Giant Experience

Design a memorable customer

experience that keeps them coming back:

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Message creation

  • Lead nurturing strategies

  • On-boarding processes

  • Retention strategies

  • Collateral development

  • Subscription boxes


A monthly subscription bundle for small businesses full of beautifully illustrated and designed branded print collateral and gift items to help attract, retain, and build customer relationships - each box has something for you, your business and your clients, from you!

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You’ll love it ALL because it's easy-peasy and supportive, prolific and individualised, succinct and far-reaching

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Get a strategy that helps shape this for you.

take a look at what else we created for Ecoefficient Solutions

Tania is an absolutely lovely lady to deal with. She created me such a stunning, detailed and stylish image for my Solar Panel business. I had a budget I had to stick within but she just went over and above for me and I am so grateful to have found her! If you are wanting any kind of beautiful, unique illustrative work completed, I would highly recommend you get in touch with Drawer Full of Giants!

Laura Kerr | Director

Ecoefficient Solutions NZ