Customise any of the card & journal designs below to represent you and your business

Here's how

  1. Choose a design you like - both Card and Journal designs can be interchangeable.

  2. Email me the code/screenshot along with your personal information.

    • Cards: Your greeting; logo; biz details; & colour theme matching your business pallet or personal taste.

    • Journals: Title for cover, your ideal colour pallet, up to 3 designs to fill your order of 50, event/biz bio, sponsor information/ads and choice of internal page design from options.

you will receive


  • CARDS: An A6-size* print-quality PDF with bleed and crop marks that you can send directly to your local print shop for printing

    • *A5 folded in half to fit a standard C6 envelope

    • Or choose a Licensing Agreement for business - with the rights to print an unlimited number of your greeting cards that suit your business, whether that's 10 or 1000 per month! This License gives you the peace of mind that you're free to own your card design and be able to use it forever!

If you require your card sized up/down to suit American standards please include sizing information you require and I'll accommodate it to your needs. DL and square sizing are not included.

  • JOURNALS: 50 A5-sized journals customised to you, and printed in New Zealand

    • Or choose a licence agreement to print exclusively for your business forever, which means you can change the size dimensions and have an unlimited number of pages.



Click on the images to see details and email link