Branded Emoji Stickers

for building a sense of community

increasing customer/employee engagement

and minimising misunderstanding

personalised emoji sticker collections for businesses

help build a sense of community

Embracing the ability to add images and feelings to your written communications in messenger apps improves communication and benefits all employee, B2B and B2C relationships because you help convey a 'tone' of genuine friendliness.

biggest benefits for business

  • Engagement with your customers

  • An enhanced social presence

  • Helps in avoiding conflict or misunderstandings

  • Gives you personalisation & brand awareness

  • Mostly, it's quicker to reply with an emoticon on the move

Messenger app stickers are a great example of communicating more visually and a well-crafted emoji sticker requires creativity and meaningful visuals to convey your brand.

Drawer Full of Giants will illustrate you as stickers using your Selfie, logo, products, quips and pithy sayings, hand gestures, expressions and props showcasing your business.

Game plan: With Laura from Eco Efficient, I created stickers from her products with power-related quips and quotes, thinking ahead, as she messages her prospective clients to say she is on her way to their appointment, she now can send them a personalised sticker!

Laura's High quality Illustrated Selfie was created before her emoji stickers.

The 'emoji' style accentuates the eyes and mouth. But you can have any illustration style as your branded stickers.


emoji sticker + illustrated selfie

email Tania with a favourite clear photo of yourself 

you'll receive

Your digital files will be sent to you via email and will include:

1x TIFF file of your Illustrated Selfie portrait

High-resolution print-quality file with a transparent background. 

Use this file if you wish to print this to any size

2x PNG files of your Selfie

Screen-quality resolution with a transparent and white background. 

Use these on your website and across your social platforms 

1x PNG mock-up image for social sharing

Use this file to showcase online with a circle background of your colour choice

2x PNG files of your Emoji Stickers

Screen-quality resolution | transparent and white background

Your eyes and mouth will be accentuated in 'emoji' style

Choose 1-3 words for pithy saying

Use your transparent PNG when you're in messaging apps

and the white PNG for your text messages


on how to upload your sticker into Gboard + WhatsApp to use in messenger apps

optional extras

4 additional stickers utilising your sticker + thumbs, wave & text

A full personalised collection of stickers for your business

payment options

for personalised illustrated selfie + emoji stickers

50% Deposit on order + 50% completion

payment in New Zealand dollars

- All files are released once your invoice is paid in full -

Payment options: Internet Banking and credit card payment via Stripe

DFoG is GST Registered

terms & conditions

You will receive a link to view your proof of your finished Selfie/sticker, please allow 5 working days depending on the number of orders that come through before yours, I will communicate this at the time. You will receive all files on full payment of your invoice.

Choosing to terminate an order once started will incur a cancellation fee of 40% of your order and 100% of any optional extras created to date. In emailing an order for an Illustrated Cartoon or Avatar Selfies you agree to these Terms & Conditions.

Email Tania with your photo and deposit to secure your spot in her working calendar

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