Between the years 2011 and 2019 I actively volunteered my business services and while traveling around the world between 3 and 9 months of the year.

The information below was hosted as a page on my website and have moved it to a blog post in case I'm invited to volunteer my time again in the future, on the other side of boarder-closures and travel-restrictions due to the covid19 pandemic in play during 2020/2021.

As a person of faith in business, I felt 'called' to inspire, equip & encourage ANYONE in their God-given assignments, to help advance their business, mission & purpose through volunteering my time through the practical application of my skill set, consultation & speaking which results in attracting more clientele and having more reach in your community.

I love sowing into God's people

in life, Ministry, & business

And as I mention in my video above, I do this by volunteering my full creative services of Graphic design, Illustration and Consultancy in 2-month block's, several times a year anywhere in the world! The Lord commissioned me in 2010 to do this, which you can read about here. But let me share His instruction to me, as it pertains to you.

...Wherever you go, I want you to offer your business services to My people in business and ministry ... to assist them in projecting themselves in an attractive way to their communities, because when they look more professional people will trust them more and seek out their products and services, and I'll have more reach in their neighbourhoods and lives...

The Lord God Creator | Saviour

He already has YOU in mind to bless! And while He's orchestrating that He also chooses to bless me with my willingness to 'Go' for Him, through giving me the desire of my heart of travelling the world and the promise of keeping me in paid clients if I did this for Him. So it's a win/win!

Do you resonate with any of these?

  • Frustration at not having your service and/or product stand out from others?

  • Do you tend to choose the cheapest option for you because of budget issues?

  • You haven't had a consistency in the treatment of your overall design.

  • You'd love some major creative input, guidance and practical help.

  • You have a budget for design work but unwilling to waste it willy-nilly on small jobs.

  • If only you have an experienced creative in your back pocket even for a short time!

  • You'd love a complete redesign of everything you've created but have settled for the status quo due to the reality of your budget limitations - so it's just a dream.

The Benefits of collaborating with me

  • Experience. I have oodles - about 20 years of it now.

  • I've been attitude tested at 95% high idea generation - I'm an Eveready battery.

  • I bring to the table my print media graphic design, illustration, creative consultancy, copywriting, project management skills.

  • You have an in-house designer at your beck and call for 2 months.

  • Get things done! I'm a big picture person that can back engineer projects.

  • You receive 160 hours of professional design time for the cost of airfare.

  • You'll have a tangible finished project/s by the end of my time with you.

  • I'm very easy, accommodating and flexible to work with, fitting in and working well within your team /ministry/business environment.

  • I'm happy to mentor you or your team to equip you creatively.

  • I'm self-supporting - no need to pay me a stipend.

  • The Lord will bless your ministry, service, product, and business in inviting me to work with you.

We met Tania at ASI (Adventist Laymen's Services & Industries) convention and were eager to have her come work with us here in Australia when she mentioned she's offering her services as a ministry. We found her a delight to work alongside within the 2 months she spent with us.

She offered consultation on creative matters and often had great ideas while producing a steady amount of work for us. It certainly took a weight off my shoulders having her take these demands from me. We also had a woman visit who offered us some marketing advice and both she and Tania worked well together. They looked like they enjoyed it immensely.

Around the compound Tania was very friendly with staff and guests alike, making friends with ease which is always nice for a small ministry. We found Tania to be very accommodating and polite. Being a small ministry we were still able to lend her a car for her to use to go to town when she needed and she always asked and not assumed its availability. She seemed to juggle her clients well during the afternoons and was communicative if she had to spend some extra time on a project. I was thrilled with the quality of work Tania offered us.

Directors - Mike (& Barbra) O'Neil

Misty Mountain Health Retreat

NSW, Australia

this is my offer when I volunteer my time:

up to 2 months duration

I've found that 2 months is long enough to achieve some major creative goals,

it's not too taxing on a ministry to have an extra person around and it's just shy of

'not being taken for granted' - there's a math equation waiting to happen!

4 hrs a day/20hrs week - 160 hours total

A lot can be decided on and created in 4/20 hours. It allows everyone to go about their business, you to yours and me to mine. It also has a value between $1800/1wk - $14,400/8 wks tagged to it for my time, but it's the Lord's responsibility to keep me in paying clients, so I give my time freely while with you.

Take a look at the ways you can use up the 160 hours here

excluding large website creation & development

Monday to Friday

or any variation that works well with

your family/working schedule

I have my routines, I'm a morning person so by the time I begin

work with you at 9 am I've already had my God-time and a few hours

of my own work. I'm flexible to fit in with what works in your business or ministry

and I'm communicative if I need to mix it up to meet my business needs.

Together we can create the very things you'd hope to, you're not limited

by wants and needs as we can add all the delightful detailing you'd like.

Tania came to work with us at Modern Manna Ministries, her job description was the development of new marketing materials for our Non-Profit Organization. Tania did an outstanding job designing DVD covers, brochures, fliers, our tradeshow backdrop, a children’s book, and a new Health Library Series. Tania is a high-end designer with an extraordinary gift as an illustrator. She has an eye for detail and works well under pressure. She makes your vision come to life.

Tania was a pleasant person to be around and very fun. She has a great sense of humor and a pleasant personality. She was a bundle of joy. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a gifted and artistic designer. Good communication and established expectations, ahead of time, helped guarantee a successful working relationship.

Director - Danny Vierra

MMM & BellaVita Lifestyle Center

Modern Manna Ministries | Lodi, California, United States

while I'm working with you this is what YOU offer me:

travel costs

these will differ depending

on where we are, in location to one another.

Partner with me to raise my return flights to you from

New Zealand with your followers.

Domestic Transport to you in your country - plane, train, bus, pick up in person.

Travel insurance for the period I'm with you - quote with World Nomads

Have a tight budget or a small project? Choose to work with me between 1-4 weeks when I allocate time to a country and have the above costs divided between several other ministries inviting me to work with them.

my own room

It goes without saying, but as it's also the place I tend to work, having

my own space with a bed, desk/table, chair, lamp, and wifi allows a quiet private environment to get things done, therefore - no sharing please, and thank you.

A little strapped for space to host me? Arrange to billet me with

friendly folks from church who'd be open to having a guest for a few weeks/months.

one meal a day

yup, I only actually eat once a day!

I'm also happy to cook for myself, and I enjoy cooking for others.

Happy to share in duties if I'm in a shared living space.

I think this means I'm also cost effective!

use of a car

As I'm a guest in your country I'd love to see it, particularly on weekends.

I will always ask for its availability and not assume otherwise.

I have an international license and can drive left and right-handed vehicles

as well as farm machinery when shown!

I have known Ms Tania Hassounia for approximately fifteen years. She is undeniably the most gregarious, happy person that I know. I have also observed her under attack, which reveals much in a person, and I can honestly say she always responds positively. (Very impressive.)

Her work, as an artist and graphic designer, speaks for itself.

I believe she will be an asset to anyone who employs her. I have no reservations about her skills, her temperament, or her desire to please.

Frank Fournier

former President of EVI

Eden Valley Insitute | Loveland, Colorado, United States

What a blessing to work with Tania of Drawer Full of Giants! When multiple ministries operate under one umbrella, design decisions, wording and continuity can be a challenge. Tania was quick to simplify and take creative license to use the talents God has gifted her with.

We are so pleased with both the design and project turnaround time. I know that Tania is a blessing to any project she encounters.

Wayne Blakely


'Coming Out' Ministries | Washington State, United States

How it works

To get started, send me an email. Make sure to give me a short description of the type of projects you'll be wanting me to take on! I'll get back to you ASAP with any questions I have, answer any questions you might have, and I'll send over a contract, if everything looks good, we'll book your dates.

If you'd like to support me as I raise funds towards my

travel needs so I can keep sowing into God's business and

ministries around the world, choose to partner with me in a

one-time or recurring monthly donation.


based on my no-commitment hourly rate of $120/hr

I welcome several entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits or ministries the opportunity to collectively divide my time between them over a two month period while I'm in their country, You can choose to work with me between one and four weeks, or individually, for the entire two months.

20hrs over 1 week - value $2,400

30hrs over a week and a half - value $3,600

40hrs over 2 weeks - value $4,800

80hrs over 4 weeks - value $9,600

160hrs over 2 full months - value $19,200

I'm available for bookings made in 2-month segments between March and November in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom & Europe only.

would you like a conversation about this info, email me at:

I am the creative director for True Step Ministries, a non-profit addiction recovery organization located in Kuna, Idaho. I directed the projects Tania worked on when she volunteered with us. ​ Tania worked with our staff artist to create a set of beautiful marketing pieces which our addiction recovery groups can use to promote their programs to the public. She also created posters and banners for the groups to use within their facilities. ​ With Tania’s warm personality, she fit in with our team immediately. She is more experienced than our staff artist, but she assumed a supportive role with him and respected his leadership. They worked together very effectively and he learned a lot from her unobtrusive mentoring.

She was very flexible about blending her style and approach with his and with the preferences of our organization. The resulting artwork was excellent. ​ We would be delighted to work with Tania again. ​ One example that illustrated Tania’s professionalism to me was the final push to complete our marketing pieces. We had an aggressive deadline that the artists had a list of pieces to create. After developing the first piece together to work out the basic design, they divided up the other pieces. Tania not only completed her pieces, but she also consulted on the other pieces to ensure we made the deadline. Further, throughout the long hours, she kept a cheerful outlook which reduced the stress for everyone. Tania’s skills and attitude make her a valuable contributor to any team.

Fran Crew

Creative Director

True Step Ministries | Boise, Idaho, United States

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