Business networking groups are ablaze with amazing individuals who are the epitome of entrepreneurs. Gogetters who have bootstrapped their business from scratch. Savvy Entrepreneurs with vision. Men and women who decided to take the long way round over the quick fixes, each having a the long haul attitude of slow-and-steady-wins-the-race. It's an absolute honour to meet and get to know them and being tarred with the same brush myself, I also appreciate the value doing business together when aligned with purpose.

So in support of the self employed. The sole proprietor. The small business owner. I wish to announce the upcoming launch of my...

The Relationship Guru of the INSTANT


Savvy Entrepreneurs with the tools they need

to deepen their emotional footprint with their

clientele, customers, business associates and

team WHILE on a tight budget.

FOREVER CARDS are lushly illustrated business-themed greeting cards, and the ideal economic solution for the budget conscious entrepreneur who desires to build genuine business relationships with their very important people (VIPs) through their customer service marketing plan.

I'm inviting any Savvy Entrepreneur who's looking to offer their VIP's something a little special to learn more and SIGN UP at Drawer Full of Giants in anticipation of the planned week-long launch in the near future.

As a delicious incentive

You will go into a draw to win a business-themed collection based around YOUR very own business! With a beginning value of over $2000! to be drawn on the final day of the launch.

When completed, the winner (you?) will receive the entire collection created, along with a license to use the products as they wish within their business FOREVER! Representing their business brand and, by extension, their personality, the winner will have a drawer full of giant possibilities to springboard from in forming meaningful business relationships!

Move over, each of the PDF files received will be editable! So the simple action of uploading a business logo and rewriting the salutation to suit the situation will take a business to the next level in making it their own.

  • Choose to print on the office/home printer - or -

  • Have a local printing business do the honours for an extra professional vibe - cutting the cost by doing it yourself!

  • Whether printing 100 or 1000, the collection is there to serve you and your business relationships FOREVER!

Forever Cards offers the budget-conscious entrepreneur the means to offer a quality product that represents their business at a fraction of the cost of what it would cost between buying a year's supply of generic boxed sets of greeting cards at the local stationery store, to commissioning a designer to create them. Thus, becoming a viable and valuable alternative in building relationships with your very important people.

Shortly, it'll be the simple matter of choosing your ideal card, then uploading your logo, rewriting the text, and printing - FOREVER - without even leaving your desk!

Here's one of the cards from an upcoming collection...

In Signing Up now (finished) there is an extra bonus for Launch week, because Savvy Entrepreneurs are awesome!

Like the concept? Help spread the word. Share this article with the self employed, the businesses you consult with and the other Savvy Entrepreneurs in your networking circles.

If you'd like to follow along with some of the behind the scenes happenings be sure to follow along on DFoG's Facebook page and over on Instagram.

I'm always available for the savvy and not-so-savvy questions of other entrepreneurs.

More details will be shared over the coming weeks. See you over on Facebook.

#business #ForeverCards

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