As you see from my video I'm a tad excited and rather awed at my weekend digs. I'm couchsurfing and loving the swarthiness of basic living for 48 hours.

I wasn't fazed by the constant rain that started to fall when I arrived and only stoped as I drove home, or the possible bugs or snakes in the outhouse, I was brave to slept with the window open which was an open invitation to the mossies to bite me at night, I live dangerously ! Yet my favourite asspect of the weekend was the bathroom! In fact my host, Sharli, had me with 'composting toilet' - I know, weird right?! But it was so good to feel you were doing your bit for the ecosystem while doing your business. My happiness was complete and my freedom liberated with the outside shower. I even moved the curtains fully aside! Then feeling a little over exposed opted to pull one back across, you know ... just in case.

This was officially my 3rd surf since Aug last year. All three have been as varied from each other as the east is from the west, and all well worth it. I would thoroughly recommend trying it if you haven't.

But how much would a unique weekend get-away cost you really?


We all need to eat, but I try and make it easy on my host by brining my own, as I'm a vegetarian and it might send some poor suspecting host balmy with worry at what to feed me. But I was fortunate as my Shalie was also a vegetarian and so I brought enough to share. The food was actually left over's from the health retreat I'm currently volunteering at that needed to be eaten so my food didn't cost me anything this weekend. Score!


Sharli and I spent time getting to know one another, sharing and swapping stories late into the night. There was an offer for going out dancing by a friend, but as it was raining we both flagged the idea as we anticipated snuggling in our perspective beds while been lulled to sleep with the pelting on the tin roof.Sharli had two community meetings while I was there which had her away for many hours each time, so I happily entertained myself. I brought along with me my bible, kindle and journal as well as my laptop, and I spent many hours reading and writing as I was also without internet and phone reception.

Sharli also introduced me to a couple of friends and her partner, each had a home with no walls! Really alternative living! And I felt grateful for my walls on a rainy weekend.We took in a swim in the rain which was actually freezing! Oh, and I spent some time walking round the community grounds and talking to the resident donkey, he just seemed interested, and her sunflowers (!) must of been feeling all earth-motherly. So I was rather 'entertained' while away.


I had my own car, which was on lend from the ministry I'm currently working with, they allow me to use it when I like, which is weekends.


I brought the car back with a full tank - which cost me $41 all up.

So the total cost of my weekend away was $41! Considering a hostel would set me back $30 + a night, I'm very grateful for such a weekend.

Off course depending on where you are couchsurfing, what your mode of transport is, what you choose to eat and the entertainment you enjoy - there is a wide sliding scale on how much you can spend. But the greatest benefit to me is I got to meet someone new, hang out, share stories and life experiences while creating a friendship and off course poop in a composting loo! I've done my bit to save the world.

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