It's not lost on me why you sent me

a greeting card.

Any savvy adult will know the reason. You want my custom. You want me to remember you. They were the first thoughts I had when I opened your letter. But do you know why it's worked?

It's not the fact you've brought a card, signed it and sent it to me after our second meeting to get a marketing job done.

No siree bob!

It's the 'YOU' you've put into it - YOU personally want to know me.

Our initial meeting was enjoyable, as was our follow-up dinner to become more acquainted. With our busy days of work expectations, deadlines and personal commitments, the fact that you then put precious time aside to write me that little note had a real effect!

I had already concluded that I liked you, but after receiving your simple hand written note I felt more valued, appreciated and important to you in a very genuine way, which cemented for me our early days of relationship building. You were someone I wanted to know.

My heart enthusiastically exploded with positive feelings towards you, that my spirits were not only raised for days afterwards, in both remembering the note and seeing it displayed on my table. But even now, a year later, all those wonderful emotions for you surges back as if I received your note yesterday.

That card endeared me to you, deepening my positive feelings. You have my undivided attention whenever you call and I make an effort in connecting with you. You are the first person I think of when I meet people who'd appreciate the business service you provide, and I refer you.

Do you know why your note opened the door to not only my loyalty, but friendship? You unwittingly used science to touch my heart.

A couple of years ago the market research company, Millward Brown, conducted a neuroscience study that scientifically proved that tangible materials leave a deeper emotional footprint on the mind. When the participants were given printed material shown on cards, it generated more activity of both sides of the brain, making it more 'real' to them, giving the experience more meaning and 'a place', which is better for memory.

They elaborated in saying that handling a card involves more emotional processing, generating more emotionally vivid memories. There is a greater focus on a person's internal emotional response to what they are holding and reading. This suggests that the individuals are relating information to their own thoughts and feelings.

This new understanding could be the reason that business greeting cards have been gaining acceptance as a business promotional tool since 2015 - I believe it's the hand written notes inside them that are key! People feel much more special and appreciated with a personal note than they do receiving texts, emails or Facebook messages, so the Royal Mail Group learned in a recent survey.

Paper Because added their voice to this growing awareness "Giving a greeting card creates a lasting impression and emotional bond between the sender and receiver." Even their tag line says it all, as being "...Personal and Purposeful", I can attest to the power of that!

For someone whose business it is to provide a vehicle to build meaningful relationships from, being on the receiving end of Rebecca Davison's [Find Your Bliss Intuitive Coaching] thoughtful card gave me powerful insight into how very true the above actually is, especially when it's motivated by an authentic interest in the other person and not a simply a 'to do' to gain a client.

Relationships build better businesses.

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