I did a spot of research about what we go through when we give and/or receive a greeting card, and then I created this info graphic to visually explain my findings.

So - it's actually a 'thing', could of blown me down with a feather how we are emotionally effected when we do this.

I then remembered some important aspects of my past.

1. As a young teen I had several pen pals from different countries around the world. I used to looooove getting mail 'across the miles', sometimes there'd be a small gift for me, or a postcard, photo and always a letter from my pal.

2. As the computer edged its way into the family home the next big thing was receiving an email, and the best sound in all the world was the computer voice telling you that "You've got mail". We'd drop everything to read the message that took minutes to arrive from overseas, around the county or from across the city. Letter writing kind of waned.

3. All these years later, an email, as much as it's super convenient and very much still needful, but nothing gets us excited as much as a letter or card posted to you in the letterbox! Especially when it's not expected!

The tactile experience is coming back, putting your thoughts on paper, it's like a new thing, yet as old as time - to send a note - and my findings proved that we treasure it, we feel uplifted it, these notes are keepsakes and our emotional well being is boosted by the simple act of receiving one - not only that, but we feel amazing when we are the one writing and sending a card.

Enjoy my findings - and tell someone you appreciate them today!

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