I was interviewed for a video series about 'Doing Business with God', hosted by the Founder and Chief Fire-igniter of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur, Shae Bynes. Shae calls them Fireside Chat's, as they're short 15/20 min long interviews from her Igniters Family.

An Ignitor is an entrepreneur of faith who is in partnership with God in their business, of which I am one. A Fireside Chat shares snippets of what it looks like to have a first-hand experience with the Creator of Worlds in a tangible-every-day way within their business, to encourage others. Shae's first question of me was "How have you been experiencing God in your business of late?" The first story to pop into my mind only happened the previous day as I worked on a new client illustration project, so it was fresh on my mind.

Let me share with you how God helps me in a practical way in my day-to-day creative business...

My client, Andrew from Collaboratory, wanted me to illustrate his logo for a set of Thank You postcards to his clients (above). He favoured the idea of coloured-in-pencil-scribble texture, and asked if I could do this for the blue areas of his logo. I simply said, 'sure thing, not a problem'. When in doubt, just say yes, and the how-to can be figured out later. I hadn't actually created this kind of textured effect before, it may look simple, but I really had no clue how I would create it... Shhh, I'm a professional, OK? If anyone asks. As I begin the work, I start up a conversation with the Lord, asking that He'd join me so I can give Andrew my very best, despite not being confident in the end result at the time, I also asked for help to figure that grey-area out.

I needed some Divine tweaking to achieve the fine-line symmetry of a corprate logo in a hand-drawn form. I wanted it to still looking organic enough to know it's a drawing but not so loose that it would look like a kid gave it a go, and it had to pass as a delightful rendition of the original professionally designed logo. Andrew's a lawyer, so everything is in the details! Thankfully, he was super easy to work with and easily pleased with the result.

After creating the honeycomb and getting it just right, I'm ready to think about the coloured areas. I sometimes struggle with being 'messy' in my artwork, I mean, I was the kid growing up, who won all the colouring competitions because I coloured neatly IN the lines and my artwork was beautifully clean thanks to the formative years in technical drawing classes in high school. It's taken a while to embrace the organic line that allows imperfection - which I actually really enjoy now. I started to internally worry I wouldn't know how to give Andrew what he asked for. That's the moment God seemed to lean down over my shoulder and whispers in my ear... 'Why don't you try doing it this way... ' then shows me how to create the messy texture! Now, I could have brought the scribble texture online, or copy what someone else did. But I have God who tells me how to do things and at the end of the day, the whole work is original and mine. Well, Andrew's, in this case. The result? A reassurance that God has my back to the everyday way I do my work and a very happy client. Andrew said it turned out far better than he imagined it would. I LOVE my clients as God brings them to me. Look Collaboratory up, Andrew's business is an incubator for businesses who want to make a social impact in their communities... Businesses who have a mission focus. Isn't that cool?

I'll leave you with his thoughts about how he found working with me...

"Tania is an amazing creative who was able to make a beautiful hand drawn card for us to send to clients and key stakeholders, to thank them or invite them to visit us at Collaboratory. The design was everything I imagined plus more! Prompt turnaround was appreciated and Tania’s purpose driven work inspires us to do more."

- Andrew Perry | co-founder of Collaboratory

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