MYLK Food Store is a healthy modern alternative in takeaway options for the family. Based across two stores in sunny Fawkes Bay, they also deliver to customers all over the North Island of New Zealand.

Over lunch, Kristy, owner/chef, and I dreamed up some fun ideas for her customers to help celebrate her 5th year in business.,Our ideas were interactive, practical and memorable, and while we had several on the table, we decided on two and pocketed a couple for later in the year. 1st, Kristy wanted a festive foodie pattern made into a colouring page to create engagement with her customers through a colouring competition.

After hand-drawing a swag of fun birthday-themed symbols, I scanned each into my laptop, then arranged them around the number 5 to create a fun detailed pattern, adding to the mix the text of MYLK's logo for extra brand awareness. Annnd... Wa-lah!

Here are some of MYLK's

competition entries

1) Entries from all ages were handed in. 2) I adored the detailed colour combo of the middle entry. 3) Someone got busy with paper tole to decorate theirs!

Part 2 of the project - Notepads

A fun, easy and user-friendly marketing idea for ANY business is the humble notepad as a free giveaway to all of your customers.

As a collector of many a-free-notepad in my time, I've observed how they could be even handier.

Are you a paper lover like me? Then you know what I mean, we 'put up' with the logo and laundry list of business details, some, commandeering a chunk of the page, because, well... it was a free notepad, I don't know about you, but I don't look a gift horse, or notepad, in the mouth. So the issue at hand is the ever-important usability of the paper 'real estate'.

With MYLK's customers in mind, they will likely be meal planners and list makers, so I designed around this theme making these notepads more practical and an ideal accompaniment to MYLK's weekly menu.

As a cool bonus, each A6 notepad also utilizes the birthday-themed pattern from above and offers an area of real estate for absentminded 'my happy place' colouring while sporting 50 leaves each.

The Shopping List

Created for lovers of a good list. Utilizing both sides of the page to maximise your weekly market needs while walking down the aisle. MYLK's logo, phone and website are front and center, yet minimal and sitting elegantly at the bottom.

The Notepad

Created for fun free-styling doodlers. You'll feel that inner sense of satisfaction when you realise you've got room to swing a cat on this little sheet of paper, it feels soooo roomy! And, don't you just love MYLK's details at the bottom? Discrete, just the way we like it.

The Weekly Meal Planner

Created for the seriously organised foodie. You need space to write and only needed to pick up a couple of extra items, this planner is for you, and fits into your handy-dandy pocket or purse!

The Weekly Planner 2

Created for the meal prep and list making expert. We all know, there is ALWAYS that something extra to get while shopping, now you have the space to write it down without forgetting it! Don't go home without it.

in Kristy's words...

" Tania, I love them!!!! "

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