letting your individuality shine


Drawer Full of Giants has the lofty goal of being the business go-to for relationship building through personalised printed products that gives luscious attention to detail, supported by GIANT ideas, bespoke brand assets, and small business incubator!

how do we plan on achieving this?

Our intention is to win your heart and to give voice to the soul of your purpose by climbing into your business culture and learn about your story. There is NO ONE doing business like you. There might be similar businesses like yours, but they won't operate like you, nor have the same fundamental scope, values, aspirations, or narrative you have.

This information-treasure-trove is the foundation on which we build in equipping you towards authentically letting your individuality shine in ways you've not yet foreseen.

The results are the 'cheery on the top' of your brand if you will.

affirm, rinse and repeat

At our gooey center, we live to inspire, equip & encourage.



We love a plain old fashion show-and-tell, the ideas, imagery, and products on our website are meant to trigger you with concepts to springboard from. Likewise, whether it's through our writing voice, personal interaction over a cuppa, or presenting, our purpose is to excite and inspire you to think outside the square.



Our aim is to furnish you with ideas and implementations that give you more reach, attract more business and strengthen deeper customer/community/team retention through our various creative services and personalised print products. 


Whether you work with us as a client, collaborate on a project, are seated in an audience, are mentored and consulted by us, or engaging with us on social. In every interaction, you will come away feeling emboldened for what's next. We will always encourage you to live your business purpose boldly.

Added to these are a few of our favourite companion values. We believe in the importance and responsibility to watch out for, help develop and cultivate the natural gifts and talents we see in ourselves and others, so we prize:

quality | teamwork | service + collaboration | mentorship | community


We believe everyone is entitled to excellence in quality, whether you're a fledgling self-employed entrepreneur or a well-established company of many years.

We pride ourselves in taking the time to understand your vision in an unrushed individualised process to create innovative business solutions.

Ideation Lab

Develop unique critical business solutions in the DFoG Ideation Lab:

Product design

Customer experience

Brand design

Brand positioning

Company culture

Community engagement

Company events

Brand Assets 

Bespoke image styling to accentuate your unique brand:

Social media graphics

Lead magnets 

Company newsletters

Speaker one sheets


Slide presentations

Website graphics

Digital/Printed collateral

Customer Experiences

Design a memorable customer experience that keeps them coming back:

Customer journey mapping

Message creation

Lead nurturing strategies

On-boarding processes

Retention strategies

Collateral development

Subscription boxes

Microbiz Incubator

Doing all the things? Get the creative and idea assistance you need!

Are you a solo/self-employed entrepreneur bootstrapping your business needing help polishing your DIY design and get ideas on what client attraction and retention could be for your business? Sign up for this help and more!


Get a strategy that helps share this for you.