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Do you ever say...

"I wish I could have really gorgeous artwork to use in my subscription box without it costing me an arm and a leg, but what I REALLY want is to have that artwork customized to MY box in particular."

Introducing Drawer Full of Giants NEW

Oodles of Doodles


Hand holding sticker sheet

+ Monthly Digital Subscription!

With illustration and resources especially created for makers of children's subscription boxes. Grow your box business with quality imagery that will wow the socks of your customers!


Features & Benefits of Being a Member

  • New illustration and resources will be added to the library each month and available to download freely, making it easy to be able to grab what you want when its needed. This allows you to take the time to be inspired with ideas for your next box so you can plan to utilize any of the artwork created - nothing will be wasted.

  • A licence to print specifically for your subscription box requirements which allows you to put your illustration on any product you want for your customers without fear of manufacturing rights,
    this also allows you to 'keep it local' in supporting your favorite printing business.

  • Founding member rate that allows you the opportunity to get your hands on quality illustration in a extremely economical way and the chance to help develop the membership in a way that really supports your business through your welcomed feedback - join the waitlist!

  • Participation within the FB community gives you the chance to vote on your favorite monthly themes and resources created, which will be a special bonus to Founding Members, as this allows you the ability of making personal requests!

  • Creative consultation, design advice and ideation on how to develop your subscription and how to use the artwork and materials in creative ways, giving you the chance of giving your customers more value and a longer return on investment.


Oodles of Doodle illustration resources are perfect for:

  • Cut out and make projects

  • Stickers for home and school

  • Paper games and Buttons

  • Graphics for T-shirts and Totes

  • Colouring and Activity pages

  • Prints and Notebooks

  • Wall Decals 

  • Certificates and Charts

  • Graphic design elements

  • + more


Check out what people think of working with Drawer Full of Giants...


Say goodbye to the needless worry over where to find delicious artwork for your amazing box ideas!

image of a jigsaw puzzle

Tania’s artwork, her creativity and ability to easily adapt her illustrations to suit our needs is beyond impressive.


Wowza - that's amazing! Like taking a stick drawing and turning it into the Mona Lisa!


Tania is a TOP notch illustrator who really takes the time to understand what her clients want and need.


Tania was very flexible and responsive in helping us come up with illustration that was right for us


Illustrated Stevie Wonder Avatar

Having two illustrative styles will give you a load of different options

Colouring page of maori Boy

Two fun facts about Tania
from Drawer Full of Giants

1. I am completely inspired by anything historic and have the best time meandering around museums taking photos or drawing decorative details and other vintage-goodness. If you take a closer look at the pattern in the banners above you'll see a nautical theme, inspired by very old coins!

2. I often see images in every-day things, like the faces of children wearing woolly hats as I began peeling these lychee fruit when living in Thailand.

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