Christina is a real estate agent and broker in the United States. As is common in her industry, she needs to repeatedly share the same information, especially to 1st time home buyers. To help make the process more streamlined, she created '5 Steps To Home Ownership', which is written out on her office white-board as an easy to follow list of To-Do's. 


Christina has a background in graphic design, so the next step was to make it visually stimulating and easily accessible toward her client's process of making their dream a reality. She envisioned placing the infographic on her website and to utilise it as a hand-out, as she often has speaking engagements.

Her whiteboard list ended up becoming this gorgeous infographic.

I also had some further ideas for Christina in how she could get more bang-from-her-buck than simply receiving this one image...

Tania is a TOP notch illustrator who really takes the time to understand what her clients want and need. She and I are working on a project right now and I wasn't quite sure how it was going to come together as it was quite an undertaking and I am SO impressed with how she is bringing everything together to make this highly detailed infographic to light. I have no hesitation in recommending Tania and Drawer Full of Giants to other small business owners. 

Christina Kimball

Volant Real Estate | USA

I was tickled by Christina's spontaneous testimony, she shared it before the graphic was even completed! But her exuberance came just after a Skype call where I showed her how her images and text would come together. She was a little stuck on visualising how it could work, as, up till this point, she'd only seen all the illustrations I'd created. 

everything starts with a doodle

I wanted Christina to have her finger in the pie of creation, even while I hadn't fully formulated what the end result would look like, I had an inkling on how I was going to start. I'd sent her a selection of doodles and she simply picked her favourite, and I'd draw it into what you see in the graphic. We got into a quick answer and reply rhythm, this is what it looked like...

Me: "Hey,  which do you like?"

her reply throughout the process:

Me: "cool, & these?" Etc...

...till we reached the end of a step and started on the next. This went on throughout the draft process of how it eventually formed to the 'house' image. Which was very Fitting.


Me: "Great stuff, so these are what we'll be using within your infographic."

A plethora of options

Creating an infographic is a layering process for me, bringing together all the elements like a jigsaw puzzle - information, colour, images, layout, and application.


My personal 'special sauce' is all in the extra value my artwork can bring in the ways of practical application to my clients business. 


I took note that Christina valued speaking, she did it a lot through her business, radio hosting, and her other entrepreneurial coaching business. She loves sharing and explaining things. I got to know this about her, therefore, I had a few other suggestions on how she could use her new sparkly infographic.

First. I informed her that, although fliers had their place, they're not something generally kept, displayed or treasured.


Instead, I proposed making a greeting card with the infographic, because:


  • A card can easily be given as a gift

  • It's relevant to your business.

  • Is a constant reminder of your clients time with you.

  • A continual resource while they spend months finding, then purchasing their home.

  • An easy opportunity to write a personal note to them.

In fact, adding her logo and biz details on the reverse is an expected professional and, if designed well, a luscious detail for not a lot more than printing a run of fliers - which will be folded, stored in a purse, forgotten and when found, discarded.


Greeting cards are placed on the fridge, mantle, and pinboard while also given out for referrals, especially when they are lovely to look at and give the viewer valued information that really serves them. You better believe they'll hang on to this card!


Second. I encouraged Christina to take advantage of all that wonderfully detailed artwork for the purpose of giving presentations. Instead of receiving a single image to upload to her website, she could have a library of all the images to build her own picture to promote with, educate from and advance her business. This excited her! 

what Christina received in her digital toolbox

1. All images in individual files for print & web

These are ready and available for any future printing and online needs for advertising and client relationship management (CRM) she might have and are ideal for:



Greeting & Post Cards | Mail drops | Workbook & Journal Covers | Products & Packaging | Social Media | Webinars | Conference & Tradeshow Banners | Backdrops | Vinyl Wall Murals...

I included all the images with transparent & White backgrounds

2. Powerpoint slides

This was a big deal, to be able to create personalised presentations for the purpose of building expectation and engagement with her audience in her real estate business. I created slides that equipped her in building upon the previous step-information.

3. Facebook banners

Christina wanted to create week-long themed campaigns where she could talk in and around each of the Steps, Monday through Friday. I gave her the tools to visually highlight each Step's topic she wanted to bring it to her follower's attention.

Fun Fact

This was a very satisfying project, and as a point of reference, the detailing of Christina's personalised infographic took 40 hours of creation time over a month. Packaging her files included saving each as a separate, transparent PNG element then creating the PP slides and FB banners which took a further 6 hours.

Would you like me to illustrate a tailored infographic for your business?

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