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Tania here, I'm creating a community for solo, self-employed + micro business owners doing 'all the things' while bootstrapping their business!

Because, sometimes...


I'd REALLY appreciate running my DIY design and marketing under the eyes of a professional and gleaning some tips and advice to make it POP!


I WISH I could get some easy pointers with ideas on how to attract and retain my customers and clients that will give me more reach in my target niche & community!


I WISH I had a do-it-for you marketing resource that I could claim as my own by simply adding my logo to it and can print tiny numbers!
I balk at paying a designer atm.

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If this sounds like you, I can help on all 3 counts, and some!

If you're not in the place of sinking hundreds, or even, thousands of dollars into these needed areas, because... well, you're kinda saving your cash for other important biz needs - you know, like EVERYTHING else!

Allow me to offer you some mentorship, consultation, advice, and practical hands-on help in polishing what you're doing AND give you fun customer touch-point resources that support your business!

No one knows your business like you, so I've created 6 inexpensive ways to suit your budget and creative/ideation needs, starting from the price of a monthly cuppa to a party-sized tub of finger-licking K-fry per month. 

Keen? Awesome! Membership is currently open, so let me invite you to

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While I'm getting the membership and payments organised, join the waitlist

Janet Dougherty |

Shae Bynes

Founder & Chief Fire Igniter
Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

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I greatly appreciated the care that Tania displayed in working with me. We brainstormed together and iterated a few times in order to get everything just right.


I never felt rushed and I felt heard and respected every step of the way.


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I'm self-employed and into my 11th year. What a learning curve! amirite?! 

I've met so many entrepreneurs walking the road of bootstrapping their business, like me. A decade ago I balked at the thought of working for myself, now, I believe it's an ideal match to who I am and what I want to do with my life.

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is to inspire, equip, and encourage people in business through ideas, design, and creation of print products, I also favour a social enterprise business model.

As an experiment in learning how to be socially enterprise-focused as a solopreneur myself, I executed an idea. Between 2012-2019 I travelled the world full-time working for myself while also volunteering my expertise and DFoG’s services to individuals, business owners, ministries and non-profits up to 9 months a year.

I’d live and work with them in 2-month blocks, donating 20+ hours a week on whatever they needed - ideas, design, illustration, creative consultation, mentoring, copywriting, marketing, project management, or a helping hand, and was often invited to speak about the experiment I was undertaking and my adventures in how I managed it all.

I had the opportunity to work first-hand with Tania. Consulting with her for our specific project was the best creative experience I've had in quite some time. Tania was courteous, exceptionally educated in her field, and knew just how to lead the conversation to come up with a plan for a creative collaboration that not only suited my business's needs but would reflect the heart and soul of what we wish to offer in The Laughing Place Bakery.

I also had an opportunity to both observe and experience another side of Tania's strengths. I watched her have many conversations with entrepreneurs, where she was both encouraging and uplifting as she helped them to see new ways to build and grow their businesses.

Not only is she an incredibly accomplished, generous, and kind communicator, but she also has a God-given gift for seeing the strengths and weaknesses in an entrepreneur's business; pulling out strengths and gently suggesting corrections for the weaknesses. I would be the first in line for both an opportunity to have one on one coaching from Tania, as well as purchasing tickets for a business event where she was speaking.


Alicia Hammon

The Laughing Place Bakery

Gladstone, Missouri, USA 

Since the global pandemic commandeered my ability to travel and volunteer as I'd been doing, it was time to stay home in New Zealand and be with my family.

The big picture and purpose stay the same, except now, I'm inspired with new ideas to virtually continue where I left off. Though no longer volunteering my time, the membership tiers below are designed to serve EVERY budget!

Offering practical help and advice, bite-sized info when needed, digital resources at affordable prices, and print products designed for business - all of which saves you 100's and 1000's of dollars when creating these for individual projects!

What Happens When I Sign Up?

You get access to all online content as soon as you join.

If you join a mailing tier your rewards will start to be processed after a new month has started and international entrepreneurs are welcome on all tiers!

You are not tied to anything,
you can edit or cancel at any time!

FYI - your monthly pledge is in NZD + added 2.9% Stripe fee

Your credit card will be charged on the 1st of each month.

Doors are now open for Founding Members


And be the first to know when we launch!

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Membership Tiers



A BIG Thank You & virtual high-five for Joining Our Community! Welcome on board!


Exclusive Look behind the scenes!

Hear first about new product ideas and even get involved in designing them with me through polls!

Founding Member Invite

As you are one of our first 50 members, you get to help develop the MicroBiz Community Incubator! 


Group Zoom Call 

Join me on a Zoom Call once a month where we chat about all things creative in your business. Have burning questions or need practical help, you can be one of our monthly Hot Seats to receive creative advice, practical design help or ideas on how you can attract and retain clients in YOUR business. Each session will be recorded to re-watch in your leisure and be a benefit for all.


10% Discount in my shop!


Your name will go into a draw to win the Innovator's Mystery Monthly Goodies bundle! One name will be drawn per month, for being part of us.




An exclusive Illustrated and Designed Client Appreciation / Thank You touchpoint to use every month in your business.

Vote on what you'd like created.

Benefits to you:

  • This is sent to you as a print-ready digital file.

  • You'll be able to add your own logo to the digital file so you can brand each touchpoint to your business.

  • Support local and send the file to a print company close to you for the numbers you require.


  • Founding Member Developer

  • Get an exclusive look behind the scenes & product ideas

  • Participate in polls

  • Join us in our monthly Group Zoom Call + Hot Seat to help your business

  • Receive a 10% Discount in my shop

  • Go in the draw to win the Innovator's Mystery Monthly Goodie Bundle




An exclusive business resource or client attraction/retention printable.

Colouring pages are a fun way of creating interest in your business, if you vote for one, you'll be able to add your business details and logo to it.

A monthly/weekly planner help you be organised, a new one designed each month to print out and utilise. You can vote on the elements that best serve you.

An Ideas resource on ways you can utilise your planner or colouring page to draw attention to your business.


  • Founding Member Developer

  • A monthly digitally Thank You Client Touchpoint

  • Get an exclusive look behind the scenes

  • Participate in polls

  • Join us in our monthly Group Zoom Call + Hot Seat to help your business

  • Receive a 10% Discount in my shop

  • Go in the draw to win the Innovator's Mystery Monthly Goodie Bundle




Everything in the previous tiers PLUS Mystery Monthly Goodies posted to you which also includes postage!

Receive monthly mail from me with print products I've illustrated and designed during the month. A MUST for the paper-lover! Who doesn't love the anticipation of personal mail in their letterbox?!

Your Mystery Monthly Goodies will include 2 or 3 of illustrated Stationery items to support YOUR business, like:

  • Notebooks

  • Stickers

  • Mini prints

  • Greeting cards

  • Buttons and pins

  • Bookmarks, and more!

NOTE: US sizes will be available where needed. 

All products pay gorgeous attention to luscious detail and can be enjoyed in your personal life, in your business, or to be used in your VIP gift-giving.


  • Except your name going in the monthly draw, as you are receiving it!


$65 - $50