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Illustrated image of Drawer Full of Giant Impressions subscription bundle


A 'client appreciation pack' to attract and retain business. One client at a time.

Drawer Full of Giant Impression Image sticker

You'll love all the things...

Hand holding business card

Your Benefits

This box is ideal for start-ups, self-employed, small business owners, or any entrepreneur who values and needs ideas, and the means, to keep in touch with clients that are easy and ideal for smaller budgets.

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  • Always have something fresh and have variety of designs you wouldn't normally be able to have.

  • Naturally become front-of-mind with your clients and customers, especially when they realise you've not just signed a card to get the job done.

  • Have more repeat business from the relationships you are building as a result.

  • Feel personally encouraged and a surge of genuine pride in what you are achieving when you send out print collateral branded to your business that hasn't broke your bank to do so. 

  • Feel satisfied that your stationery and 'To Do'
    lists are just what you want, and are gorgeous.

  • Feel less overwhelmed and time strapped with starting small, if you are not in the habit in reaching out to your clientele.

  • Be inspired by the variety of ways you can show off your business.

  • Feel equipped for the months ahead as you prepare to send a gift to a VIP client, plan to celebrate a milestone, or promote your business using the gifts in your box as a free give-away, because you already have them in stock!

  • Feel as if you're adding extra value in your business to those you serve.

  • Feel confident with the added value of the creative consultation, design tips, advice, and ideation also included in your subscription.

Drawer Full of Giants Text image for subscription box

What you get

Each month you'll receive a mystery pack with gorgeous print products to help encourage you in building a VIP business relationship. Designed around a theme, your bundle will include something for you, something to promote your business with, and something to gift a client, from you.

two notepads for business
Greeting card

Your mystery pack could contain a selection of:

  • A selection of 3-6 print collateral, stationery, and gift items, e.g: Greeting cards, notebooks, stickers, labels, note pads, planners, calendars, badges, magnets, to name several.

  • Any promotional items will be branded to your business with your name and/or logo printed on each item.

  • Advice, tips, challenges, and ideas on how to best use each item of your subscription box.

Added Value

You'll be welcomed to join our DFoG Impressions FB group where you'll get to see behind-the-scenes of the design and product-making process, as well as have your say by voting on your favorite monthly themes and resources created. 

  • Choosing to become a Founding Member also allows you the opportunity to help develop the box in a way that really supports your business and be able to make personal requests on what is created through your welcomed feedback.

  • Get your hands on quality illustrated and designed collateral in an extremely economical way.

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Have you ever said...

"I wish I could get my hands on really gorgeous stationery and gifts to use in my business without it costing me an arm and a leg... oh, and it'll be even better if they were branded to my business!"

illustration of print products falling
text graphic about Drawer Full of Giant Impression subscription bundle

will give you a competitive advantage as you:

  • Advertise your services.

  • Engage with your clients.

  • Surprise your customer with a special gift.

  • Celebrate your milestones.

  • Plan your Marketing + Promotion using the different touch points.

  • Try out new ideas that you hadn't considered before.

  • Feel like you are giving more added value in your product and servicing offerings and therefore more positive, motivated and organised.

  • + more

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Notebook image
Image of a open box with print product inside

Wowza - that's amazing! Like taking a stick drawing and turning it into the Mona Lisa!




Tania is a TOP notch illustrator who really takes the time to understand what her clients want and need.


Tania’s artwork, her creativity and ability to easily adapt her illustrations to suit our needs is beyond impressive.


One of these snazzy sticker business cards will be added to each box to use or share

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