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My house & pet sitting service allows me the flexibility to be available to work remotely between volunteer-assignments through my business

I am your host on That housesitting Show - Fridays at 5 pm on Radio Kidnappers - 104.7FM & 1431AM, Hawkes Bay, NZ

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My Story - Why Housesitting is an ideal lifestyle choice for me

Housesitting was an unexpected solution that allowed me the flexibility and lifestyle freedom to be able to volunteer my business services around parts of the world. You see, I work for myself as a creative through my business, Drawer Full of Giants, where I help people attract more customers through personalizing their business with illustration & graphic design, and I have a real heart to be a Socially Responsible business and entrepreneur. 

So back in my first year of self-employment, I started working on an idea of how I could combine working for myself, while also volunteering my business service and combining my desire to travel. With a plan in place, I began to transition my life and cull the items of my home, and office down into two bags so I would be able to work remotely.

In the middle of this, two sets of friends, who knew of my intentions to go overseas, asked me to mind their homes while they went away. Conveniently, that filled the next couple of months, time that I needed to fully sell everything I owned, leave my home and after Christmas move my, then, 18yr old down to Invercargill, in the deep south of New Zealand, to school there. 

A few weeks into my first housesit, I remember thinking "Man, this was a good gig, I wonder if this could be a thing? Do others live like this?". I didn't know it then, but housesitting became the sinew uniting my remote working and my self-sustaining availability to volunteer my business anywhere around the world I wanted to go.

That was in 2011. Since then, when I'm not volunteering, I'm housesitting, and when I'm not housesitting, I'm volunteering - it's the perfect solution for me and I've been fortunate to have had back-to-back house sit assignments whenever I've needed them.

I normally make advance bookings 6 months out, prioritising requests I can coincide with my volunteer work

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