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Sometimes it really serves a business owner to know just how much goes into a design project. Amanda originally wanted to know what she could 'get' for an hour of my time.


Instead of declining the job, I thought it would make a helpful educational resource for business owners as they begin outsourcing their graphics needs. Taking Amanda's design request, I documented just what an hour would like in real-world time and wrote a blog post outlining the time it took to create this Lead Magnet below.

"Wowza - that's amazing! Like taking a stick drawing and turning it into the Mona Lisa! Hopefully, the content is worthy of the design, ha!" 

Amanda Crangle | Marketing Consultant

Lamplight Digital Media | United States


Let me encourage you not to ask your creative what they can produce for an hour of their time.

I completely understand there are times your need of a professional makes you have to take that leap of faith into outsourcing when your DIY attempt only goes so far, especially when working with a super tight budget. Let this project give you an indication of the baseline we start with, as your experienced creatives.

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