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My Creative Process

from Doodling to print-ready artwork

I often delight my clients with progress screenshots of the working I'm creating for them so they feel part of the journey and the anticipation of what the end result will look like - it always starts with a doodle

What my creation and illustrating process looks like

The final product - a gorgeous greeting card ready to add to my design gallery for customisation for a business where I change the elements to suit a brand or taste.

This style takes a little longer as I recreate the whole image as a graphic in Adobe Illustrator, I'm enjoying the quirkiness of this design and decide to create my greeting card using this artwork of the group of friends. ice skating in a winter wonderland.

Now for the finishing touches - I draw these little guys again in my two styles, as I know if I take the time to do this now I can utilise these fellas in many more ways. This one was painted in Indian ink and scanned into the computer and I made it a vector image and coloured it.

Project: Penguin greeting card: I begin by scribbling copious amounts of penguins to get a feel of what I see - looking at shapes and simplifying images as well as moving to Indian ink for a relaxed feel - ideas are starting to form.

I start liking what I'm seeing as my theme and idea take shape, so create a quick thumbnail of how I want to see this as a card.

My mind also starts wondering about the kind of clothing my penguins might wear and then that flows into what they may look like as Christmas themed items - below.

Now, I draw and refine of each little character - adorable! Awww, I'm a little in love with them!

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