I often delight my clients with process snaps of the work I create for them so they are part of the journey and feel the anticipation of what the end result will look like - it always starts with a doodle

The final product - a gorgeous greeting card ready for sale, or I can change elements to suit someones business!

This style takes a little longer as I recreate the whole image as a graphic in my art program, I'm enjoying the quirkiness of this design and decide to create my greeting card using this artwork of the group of friends. ice skating in a winter wonderland.

Now for the finishing touches - I draw these little guys again in my two styles, as I know if I take the time to do this now I can utilise these fellers in many more ways. This one was painted in Indian ink and scanned into the computer and I made it a vector image and coloured it.

Project: Penguin greeting card: I begin by scribbling copious amounts of penguins to get a feel of what I see - looking at shapes and simplifying images as well as moving to Indian ink for a relaxed feel - ideas are starting to form.

I start liking what I'm seeing as my theme and idea take shape, so create a quick thumbnail of how I want to see this as a card.

My mind also starts wondering about the kind of clothing my penguins might wear and then that flows into what they may look like as Christmas themed items - below.

Now, I draw and refine of each little character - adorable! Awww, I'm a little in love with them!

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Hi Tania here, the entrepreneurial visionary creative and co-founder behind Drawer Full of Giants. I'm a Kiwi (New Zealander) with a strong creative background in graphic design, illustration, and an aptitude-tested high idea generation (95%) mind. I live to inspire, equip and encourage through my artwork, volunteering my business, giving uplifting talks, creative sassy writing and overall sharing my story of how I became a location independent digital nomad while I also follow the unconventional path of doing business God's way. Want to get to know me more? Okidoki read a little of my story, and be sure to sign up to receive my fun, chuckle-worthy newsletter. There is a freebie also!

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