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Let's make your secret sauce!

As an entrepreneur, you want to portray yourself and your business professionally yet uniquely as possible, to stand out as memorable, and be the first business your clients think of.

I've learned that every entrepreneur and business needs a critical 'secret sauce' to attract attention and get more business.

I'll help you make a positive impact that is not replicable that'll propel your  business forward with a genuine connection to your audience and target market.

Wowza - that's amazing! It's like taking a stick drawing and turning it into the Mona Lisa!

Amanda Crangle

Marketing Consultant | USA

Frequently asked for brand assets

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Here's what people say

I wasn't quite sure how it was going to come together as it was quite an undertaking but I am SO impressed with how she is bringing everything together to make this highly detailed infographic to light.

Christina Kimball

Volant Real Estate | USA

When I had a vision for a design I knew that she would not only interpret it but master it! I love my portrait, too, she made me look famous!

Tasha Glover

Founder, Tech with Tasha | USA

Everyone always comments on how cool the designs are, there is not one design that does better than the others, and they LOVE my logo. I LOVE my logo too!

Tori Banta

Tori Lee Equestrian | New Zealand

This is why you'll love working with me...

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Janet Dougherty

I assumed showcasing DFoG on my car would be a passive way to advertise but not know of it's impact. But within the first 4 hours I was stopped twice to have conversations about what I do, it happened so many times over that first week and has repeated time and again throughout the year. I get messages on social media from people telling me they've seen me driving around, one asked if I've taken on staff, as they 'see my car everywhere!' — I don't know why I waited so many years to get a decal!

Tania Hassounia

Drawer Full of Giants



Get a strategy that helps share this for you.

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