Mini Branding Packages

for online and in-person

Launches, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Programs, Retreats, Courses, Events, Meetings & Functions

unique custom illustrations, icons, patterns - so it would be more than just colours and my photos

specifically looking for an illustrator to brand your program

I wanted it to not to have pretty colours, I wanted it to have custom icons specific nice little things

I was looking for a designer/ illustrator to create these materials for my program

it was awesome as it was extremely hard to find someone that was actually good and understood what I was looking for.

Launch and Branding packages - partner with a brand strategist or designer (me also) - joint venture opportunities or outsourcing and create materials

here's a sales page, a program, we're going to brand it to have custom elements


friend creates planners - hired an illustrator to create designs for a planner- cover etc

elevating your brand to a different level from what everyone else is doing

creating a true identity its bigger than that

I help businesses strengthen customer retention with personalisation through bespoke illustration packages and printed products so they can attract more business.

join others in receiving regular design updates and behind-the-scenes happenings from DFOG.

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​Hi, Tania here, Drawer Full of Giants CEO & Creative Director. We're a New Zealand company with the lofty goal of being the highly sought-after client attraction and retention consultancy you think of when it comes to building invaluable relationships in the marketplace. We do this through our rich supply of idea-generation, bespoke creativity, and personalised-to-your-business print products that pay luscious attention to detail. Get to know us more through our core values, meet the team, and be sure to sign up to be kept in the loop with our fun, inspiring behind the scenes monthly. See you inside!

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