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10 Reasons Showing How Appreciation is Good for Business

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Why it works: the feelings

Why it works: the science

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How It Works

It's not lost on anyone why you'd send a card or promotional item, you want them to remember you and their future custom. Those will be the first thoughts they have when they open your mail.


But do you know why it'll work?

It's not the fact you've brought a card, signed it, thrown in a key ring (of your business), and sent it to them just to check the box and get a customer-loyalty marketing job done. 

They'll be struck by the fact you actually took the time to do this, especially since we all have busy work and personal commitments, expectations, and deadlines and you chose to think of them outside of this, giving up 10 minutes of precious time to write them that meaningful note in the card and really giving a thought about a gift item that they'd actually like and use. When you do this, they'll think, 'Wow, you really care about me'.

We don't experience this enough.

This thoughtful and considerate demonstration of relationship building will be so unexpected that it'll have a real effect and lasting impression on them. They'll feel more valued, appreciated, and important to you in a very genuine way, which will cement your early days of building a genuine repour. You'll be someone they'll want to know.

The results 

Who doesn't love receiving kind heartfelt words and even a gift? Their heart will enthusiastically explode with positive feelings towards you. Their spirits will not only be raised for days afterward but months, when they see your card displayed on the table or pin board, or they use the lovely gift you sent! All those wonderful positive emotions toward you will surge back as if they received your mail yesterday. 

In taking 10 mins at different times of the year to let them know you value them, outside of the traditional times it's expected, eg, Birthdays and Christmas, you now have their undivided attention whenever you call, or reach out, and they'll make an effort in connecting with you. You are the first person they'll think of when they'll meet people who'd appreciate the business service you provide, and refer you. 

Being genuine is the good science of touching their hearts.

Need a little inspiration to express your appreciation, visit my


Tania’s artwork, creativity, and ability to easily adapt her illustrations to suit our needs are beyond impressive. I have no hesitation recommending her to anyone wanting a bespoke high-quality product. 

Rick Behague 


Insure Hawke's Bay Ltd


We asked Tania to create a postcard mailout for us so we could thank all our loyal customers, I mentioned that I'd like it to be elegant but with the nature of what we sell (point of sale machinery), I wasn't sure how possible that was. Tania made a sterling job in illustrating all our equipment and created a pattern with it! I guess it's best to leave it to a creative to come up with this stuff. Tania took the idea and made it something special. She was easy and friendly to work with and patient with my crazy workload to work around me. Happy to recommend Tania if you are wanting something personalised to reach out to your clients.

Steve Bately

Managing Director

Biz Development at Kiwi Eftpos

& Point of Sale Group Ltd


Tania told us that we'd likely get a few clients reach out to us after they received our Christmas cards, as we had our team illustrated rather than photographed this year. True to form, we began fielding calls from clients we've not heard from in a while saying how delighted they were with the card we sent out and just had to tell us!

Brad Yates

Owner NZHL

Christchurch NZ

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